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Folders and Tagging pattern for a shared files?

I'm developing a user interface for an enterprise product that has programs that are created, run, and shared by members of an organization (i.e. a company). I want users to be able to easily find ...
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"Non-exclusive categorical organization" (of files, database entries, etc.)

Hopefully this question fits here. I had it posted on another stackexchange site and it was deleted for being off topic--but the problem is this doesn't fit neatly into a topic. It lies on the border ...
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UX/UI for a store/asset library combo.. how to make it easy and useable?

I am working on a product that has a built in asset library. The goal is to access tons of objects in one place in a way our competitors haven’t done well. The tricky part is, there are a) about 2000 ...
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