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14 votes
8 answers

Should "Customer Service" be considered a function of user experience?

Despite the efforts of UI and UX professionals, users sometimes get stuck, or experience bugs using software. I think we can agree that their frustration is an indicator of bad user experience. Yet, a ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Graphically displaying a conversation between more than two people

I'm working on a project that involves displaying a text-only conversation between anywhere from two to ten or more people. The reader will be either zero or one of the participants. The main UI will ...
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14 votes
10 answers

Why do webpages scroll vertically instead of horizontally?

It is a common convention that webpages scroll up and down instead of right to left, but all printed material that's not written on rolls of toilet paper 'scrolls' horizontally. Why did the web break ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Dropping the UX title in a fully mature organisation [closed]

I have not worked in a fully mature organisation (feel free to rate yours using any type of UX maturity model), but I want to know whether the designers and developers are simply called designers and ...
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