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OpenId is an open standard that allows users to log in to many websites with a single set of third-party credentials.

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Login flow with openid / social signin

Due to a technical limitation / privacy settings openid does not always return an email. This leads to the following convoluted signup process: User clicks on login with facebook. User enters email ...
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How to explain Login with OpenID to end users, good models to follow?

I have an analytic app for data-oriented professionals. For authentication it offers social login (Sign in with Google, LinkedIn, Twitter) or "Email me a signin link" (like Forgot my Password ...
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Limiting registration to be only by Facebook, is it a good idea?

I'm building a web application which is available as a stand-alone website as well as a Facebook App, the target audience are mostly Facebook users. However, I'm confused about the registration ...
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Evidence that requiring registration using facebook/twitter/google on a public terminal increases abandonment rates?

I am working on a registration application which would be used in a live "museum" type experience. Essentially, to enter the museum you need to register for a personal account to receive a ticket. ...
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What makes OpenID so difficult to use by persons with no technical background?

According to adrianh in his comment to an answer: Every single time I have /tested/ openid with "normal" users as opposed to technical folk it's caused more problems than it's solved. Every. Single....
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Why do most sites only offer two social login options?

I noticed the that many site only offer two social login options: Grooveshark: Google, Twitter Quora: Facebook, Twitter Digg:: Facebook, Twitter How does this improve the user experience?
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Impact of OpenID versus proprietary login on site traffic

I'm strongly in favour of OpenID login over proprietary login as a way of controlling site access - it gives users choice and makes their lives a bit easier. In principle, this should, in turn, ...
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Best practice to communicate 'direct' registration with a website (not through Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc)

When offering registration on a website with the options to signup with Facebook, Google, etc. What is the best way to say to register 'directly' with the website and not using any external third ...
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Is it bad practice not to allow users to create an account (versus OAuth or OpenID)?

When creating a website is it poor practice not to give users the option to "create an account"? Especially with rapid development, it seems more secure with less effort to offload authentication. ...
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What OpenID log-in screen is appropriate for people who don't understand SAML, OpenID, or Federation?

Every person that I've introduced to Stackexchange has had the same question/problem... that is they are confused by options to log using "gmail" or "hotmail" and assume that this is an email ...
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Best way to add account providers?

I briefly looked at spotify and I found that they use 2 providers: Themselves and facebook. Ie I can log in to spotify with facebook. But then it asks me for my spotify account when I downloaded the ...
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Is offering more than one openid/social-sign-in option a good idea?

Lots of sites nowadays offer the option to log in via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, and sometimes a standard username/password option as well. While this goes a long way toward helping users ...
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