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A virtual keyboard or an Onscreen Keyboard is a software component that allows a user to enter characters. A virtual keyboard can usually be operated with multiple input devices, which may include a touchscreen, an actual computer keyboard and a computer mouse.

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CTA is being hidden by keyboard on long form in mobile

While working on long forms on mobiles, such as multiple business expenses, the CTA to finalise adding is getting hidden by the keyboard. The common way of putting one input field and one cta may not ...
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Should clicking outside a textfield hide the software (IME) keyboard?

I am developing an Android (Jetpack Compose) app and have observed that when a textfield gains focus, a software (IME) keyboard opens, and remains open even after I click outside the field. This is ...
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Dealing with keyboard on mobile devices in prototyping tools such as Figma

I am trying to build an app and I'm starting with prototyping it, but I am not a professional UX & UI designers (I'm a software developer), so apologies if my question seems silly. I am starting ...
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Best practices: keyboard dismissal and button display in mobile apps

We have both iOS and Android apps with forms in multiple places, and are looking for an appropriate UX pattern for continuing when the form is complete. Example: On the login screen, the user must ...
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What is the point of fullscreen keyboard on Android?

On Android, when using landscape mode, certain apps override some user settings and "force" the keyboard to go fullscreen (see first screenshot - WhatsApp app with an Android fullscreen keyboard). The ...
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Hiding the keyboard in a mobile app with a chat

I'm having some trouble hiding the keyboard in a mobile app with a chat hover the main UI (3). On iPhone, this action is usually done by clicking on the zone (3) or dragging down. But in my ...
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How smart is GBoard keyboard's Predictive Suggestions bar? [closed]

When typing texts on my Android phone the suggestion bar always shows 3 possible 'words'. Often the suggestions are good, but could be a lot better if the algorithm simply took in to account parts of ...
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Affordance to encourage tablet user to touch textbox (to get onscreen keyboard) on touchscreen?

We have a web app for brain injured stroke survivors to teach them typing. We are able (with some effort :) make the onscreen keyboard appear. But sometimes it goes away when they touch the Enter ...
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