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Apply for a card: in a new page or on the same product page? What's the best user flow?

I have to design a product page for a credit card (it's a banking website). The page consists of info regarding the card, the fees, the rewards, security details, etc. My question is: what would be ...
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User experience / interaction design for elderly people using banking apps

We are currently designing a mobile interface for elderly people for the banking industry. Is there a need for tweaking the standard (not applying the best practices, for example: tooltip for mobile)? ...
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Which numeric keypad layout (PC or register) should be used for a touch panel?

We lately had a usability test for a self-service payment machine. It's very similar to the e-banking process. The whole banking process is over a touchscreen until they enter the debit card. The ...
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How to deal with rejection page (loan application)

I am working for a loan provider and am preparing a rejection page, when we are not able to provide loan to our customers due to their bad credit score. This is very delicate situation and i was ...
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Ethical ways to dissuade?

For our banking app, our team is trying to encourage our users to keep more money in their savings account. Specifically, to prevent more than 6 transfers per month, of any amount, from savings to ...
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how to make use of gamification in financial/personalbanking?

I'm working on a project for a bank X and we were asked to increase engagement in using the website of the bank and provide more interactions with the bank in a way of gamification. its very ...
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Should be "Log Out" option on a financial product visible for the user? If yes, why?

I am working on a financial product. Re designing the dashboard/summary page also including the top menu, so I have some doubts if should I put the "Sign up" or "Log out" button at the right corner on ...
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Should number input fields also include dividers { . - }?

When we sign in to our online bank we often use our social security number which from the government has a dash in it. As in YYMMDD-XXXX (for Swedish). And when we want to transfer money from our ...
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How to convince client to categorize personal stuff in MyAccount

We're doing an entire redesign of a website of a bank. (I made a simple scheme of the IA with some main categories -Insurance, Loans, CC, Bank accounts- in reality it's a bit more complicated) In ...
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secure banking apps

A while ago my bank introduced an online banking app. This allowed me to quickly access my bank account and make payments right from my phone with the best experience. In order to gain access to the ...
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