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What do you call websites that scroll sideways AND vertically?

I need to research sites with similar functionality to this one: but I can only find side scrollers or vertical ones - not both together - please could someone suggest a search ...
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What is more effective to promote new features on a website?

A client of ours wants us to highlight the new features of our redesign for his website. We think that we shouldn't explain too much, since it's a content-based website that hasn't had any drastic ...
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Landing page without menu

I have come across a task that requires a landing page. The page has several sections such as " testimonial, partners, etc". When I asked if there would be any menu to make the navigation easier, the ...
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5 answers

What's the name of this one page navigation pattern?

I'm looking for a specific navigation pattern I saw some years ago, which I can't find anymore. In this pattern the same navigation is repeated multiple times on top of each section on a single page....
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4 answers

How to show forms on One page websites

Our earlier website was an old school design with window size fixed pages with a lot of unnecessary content. We shifted to a one page website. We aim at acquiring leads for business through the site. ...
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2 answers

How to convince clients to use a one-page layout?

I've designed and developed a beta site with a one-page layout, which is having difficulty getting its final approval from the client's president and vice president. They are not technical people and ...
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Adjusting a microsite layout using variables in url

I work on a modular onepager microsite in which I have several modules: a rotator module (full width, rotating big visuals, each of them containing some CTA and action button) several half width ...
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