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Saving the user's position in the nav

We have a client for whom we assist in maintaining/designing their web based application. Their system is very robust, it's a matrix I can't even understand. Because of the multitude of entry points,...
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Filters on mobile e-commerce

I’ve been asked to produce a research on mobile filters. We do have e-commerces that are adaptive. Any native app is going to be developed over the short term. I’ve done benchmarking and come up with ...
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Mobile menus does it matter which pattern you use

Ive been looking at different types of mobile menus systems/patterns and notice three main ones being used, Off canvas, drill-down or accordion. Is there a rule to which one you should use or is it a ...
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How to 'select' menu items that also link to deeper items?

Currently I'm working on a navigation that doesn't take up too much screen real-estate. I came up with a pseudo off-canvas navigation with stacked menus. A user can assign nodes to a product. This is ...
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When is tapping back out of a deep hierarchy in mobile apps too much?

Are there any studies to measure frustration when tapping back multiple times to get out of a hierarchy? I ask because I am evaluating the most appropriate way to navigate a complex menu application. ...
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Website readability vs performance vs experience

I am running a page that utilizes an off-canvas design pattern for the main menu on small screens. Using progressive enhancement, I use CSS transformations instead of position absolute to show/hide ...
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Mobile navigation - off-canvas or dropdown?

I'm working on a responsive site where the main navigation gets compressed to a "menu" button when at a mobile small-screen size. I feel like there are 2 strong methods for handling the navigation: ...
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When is appropriate to include buttons and or swipe command in a Responsive Design off-canvas layout.

When is appropriate to include buttons and or swipe command in a Responsive Design off-canvas layout? While doing some Responsive Web Design research for sites using the off canvas navigation ...
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