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3 answers

What would users feel comfortable to see first in navigation

Reading about object-oriented UX and audience based navigation, I am still not sure how to approach the following problem: I am building a careers section of a web site, where I must present job/...
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2 answers

Are real objects more intuitive than plain UI elements in VR?

I´m analysing various VR apps and I found Tvori, and I love how it handles the different actions that can be done, because instead of using interface elements such as icons or buttons, it uses real ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Task vs object focused IA and navigation

I'm thinking about the best way to structure UIs for enterprise management tools and dashboards. Often, one could either choose a UI structure that is around the tasks of the users, or then one that ...
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Free object movement keyboard shortcut [closed]

In many graphic and writing tools there snapping grids and other constraints which block the user to move graphic objects to unwanted positions or to help aligning objects to other objects. In Linux (...
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1 answer

Represent and edit object graphs with standard OS UI elements

In most cases the data that applications, forms and so on work with is relative flat. It means that the objects representing the data are actually nothing more than a collection of key-value pairs - ...
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Standard representation of states for objects in software application

I am trying to come up with a standard to be included in a style guide for a software application. One of the difficulties with the guide is around documenting states/status that seem to have a ...
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