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Numbers are used to count and calculate.

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How to deal with rounded percentages that don't sum up to 100%

We often display percentages which sum is expected to equal 100%. For example, in a pie chart. These percentages are sometimes rounded, either for clarity (25% instead of 25.434%) or because we have ...
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What's the best input/edit method to handle small high precision numbers?

I have an AG Grid with cells that contain very small highly precise numbers - eg 0.002957399184 I want to allow users to edit these numbers easily and accurately - basically want to avoid fiddling ...
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What is the correct way to represent annotation to a numerical value in arabic

I was watching Apple's 2022 video "Design for Arabic". In their weather application example, I found that they had two different representation of Degree symbol refer the image below. I ...
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How to display large numbers that are very close together (in value) in a graph with tight space

Is there a way to write large values ​​where the last digits of the value are the ones that separate them but only use 6 digits, plus the exponent? I am designing a graph for scientists where the ...
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How to deal with positive and negative signs next to a number in the [-1 , +1] and increment/decrement semantic?

I tried to look up this topic and found something here as a side comment but nothing more. Context I need to print a value in the Real numbers [-1,+1] interval. The Value has a semantic meaning: The ...
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What is the name for the design pattern of large numbers to convey statistics?

Usually presented on website homepages, the purpose of this design pattern is to present a quick top-level overview of the company in numbers, aiming to convert visitors by establishing credibility ...
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To Number or Not To Number

Here's a portion of a display from an iOS app that allows users to connect to a Wireless Valve Control device. UPDATE: My question is regarding the -42 dBM and 2.97V labels. As a code implementor, ...
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Examples of two/multiple facet scoring?

Working on an interesting scenario - we need to communicate a "score" that has two facets: A percentage based score that has a threshold that must be met to pass (90%) Specific items that ...
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Display a range on a number line with a value

Is there a standard or good way to display a range of values (lower bound and upper bound) along with a particular value. The particular value might be too low (below the lower bound), too high (above ...
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How to let a user know a number in the UI is rounded, and not an exact figure?

We've got a property in our user interface that can range from fractional (0.01 or so) to potentially millions. It's usually over 1. Before displaying it, we simply rounded it to the nearest digit and ...
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How can we communicate how leading zeros work for a number generator?

In the project controls software I am working on, uses needs to generate unique codes before exporting scheduling data to dedicated scheduling software. Part of this code will be an ascending number. ...
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Financial planning site -- show a negative balance in italic type?

I have read the discussion from some years ago about whether to use a "minus sign" in front of a negative balance or to put it inside parenthesis. Our website is used primarily by people 45 ...
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What's the best symbol to use to mask unknown digits?

I'm working with groups of product identifiers and need to be able to represent when the last couple numbers of the identifier are unspecified. For example, a product might have the following product ...
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What is the right way to display the KPI number?

I'm designing a dashboard, and one of the cards should display the status of the activated users - if there's any problem - it's should emphasize that and show how many users are not activated. The ...
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Is it right to use a float numbers instead of text in design

We have a design that indicate the user about the measurement of food ingredients For example: 1.5 cup 0.5 cup Is it right to use it as above or replace it with 1 cup and half A half of cup
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When to move on to the next unit prefix, e.g. 900 kB vs 0.9 MB

Is there any established standard or research about what the cut-off point should be for moving to the next unit prefix e.g. moving from "kilo" to "mega"? I assume it may depend on ...
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What is the clearest way to display "less than"?

I'm currently working a sliding filter in a UI that presents a "distance to" option. Which of the following would best in my situation? < 2.1 miles under 2.1 miles 2.1 miles or less Example:
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What should an error state for a number value be?

Let's say that there are different numbers presented to the user - money values ($1.50), percentage values (+25.53%), development values (+$3.50), etc. In case there is an error in retrieving one of ...
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UI design: Selecting pre-filled max value or a part of it

I have pre-filled available displayed in tables data such as: 1 [80.00] [Input design here: Select whole row (default) or part of part of 80.90] 2 [4.65] [Input design here: Select whole ...
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How to visualize "deviation"? [closed]

Problem I want to visualize a value that indicates the amount of deviation a certain resource's value is from its default value. In this specific case, a higher deviation is bad and a low one is good....
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How to abbreviate long numbers?

I am designing an interface which has some edge cases where a users balance could be incredibly large, such as 11 digits. As these are edge cases I don't want to change the UI to account for them. I ...
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Is there a good way to display (big) numbers in different bases?

Big numbers in base 10 are displayed with a dot every 3 digits*, like: Base 2 numbers are different, probably is better to have no divisions: 0000001010001011111101 But what ...
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Feedback that maximum value is reached with keypad

I have a numerical edit page on a small touchscreen. There's a display field that displays the current value, a keypad, and increase and decrease buttons. Right now, if the user is using the keypad ...
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Better user experience when asked to input frequency of periodic event

So I am working on a form and one of the inputs have proved in user-testing to be somewhat problematic: We want to save the frequency of a periodic event, the event is how often a report is to be ...
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Icons vs numbers progress tracker

My mobile application includes a 4 step process to create and publish a project with each step start, the progress tracker increments(highlights next step) as shown in the image below currently am ...
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If showing an up/down arrow next to a number, should the number still include a sign?

I have this display: This is a kind of status update. The main number is shown large and in black, and underneath is an indication of whether or not this is more or less than yesterday. So this ...
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Will users understand this horizontal spin wheel below a number input field?

I have implemented a horizontal spin wheel as an additional method to input a number: You can slide or scroll the measurement left or right and this will change the number in the input field directly ...
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Tips on number formatting for better readability

I'm designing a dashboard. One of the components of the dashboard is a Tile Panel that should display values in different units. The problem is those numbers can be really huge and to make it more ...
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Table cells numbers

I'm designing a platform for the stock market where I have multiple tables and all the cells have numbers. I don´t have enough space because I have a lot of cells and the maximum number that can ...
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"1 other" or "one other"?

It's used multiple times in the UI, in different lists, like: users in the dialogue, users in your project. Example: Tom, Bob, Linda, and 1 other. Tom, Bob, Linda, and one other. For all the other ...
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What the best way to design an increase/decrease field? [duplicate]

I'm working on a simple settings panel for an ecommerce site for adjusting a product's inventory quantity in a trackable manner. My team is in disagreement in regards to the most efficient way to ...
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Why does LinkedIn switch to an unspecific number after 500+ connections?

LinkedIn displays the number of connections a user has very prominently on their profile, in the top card on the page. However, once a user has over 500 connections, it switches from a specific number ...
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Should Spin box component display 'increment by amount' if greater than 1?

I need to create a touch component that acts like a spin box (or stepper) except it increments the value in the box more than one at a time, specifically 50 at a time. The range of values in the box ...
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Table of Content (TOC) with numbers

The Table of Content at Wikipedia use numbers for an ordered list. But the headline doens't start with this number. Why? It look wrongs for me, maybe because I'm used to the same result as in ...
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Are numeric "steppers" or "spinners" on text fields simply bad UX?

Call them "steppers" or "spinners" or "spin boxes," but we've all seen and used these things: Now, in a touchscreen environment this type of control might be useful, if the touch targets are large ...
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What are use cases for displaying fractions?

Someone was saying that fractions are still used in business (somewhere in the world) but I don't know for what. Does anyone actually display numeric values with fractions in a business context? For ...
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There have been discussions about the order of DD, MM, YYYY, but never really any discussion about why designers choose to use YYYY over YY (for instance, 01/01/2017 rather than 01/01/17). Any idea ...
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UI for Inputting Numbers Efficiently

I am developing a web app that requires a lot of numeric adjustments to be done very quickly by a user. Here is an example: Possible Solution The only reasonable suggestion I could come up with is ...
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How should horizontal dashboard numbers react on a responsive page?

I have a set of dashboard values on a sticky horizontal panel on the top of the UI. These numbers are sales values so they are pretty important to the user. The layout looks something like this: But,...
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"Server unreachable" equivalent for Number fields

Context : Mobile application that syncs to a server to get some numbers. What is the equivalent of an error message saying that the the server didn't respond (no internet), applying to a number field ?...
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Best way to display large stats lists in games

I'm trying to find the best way to display a large stats list in a game. My goal is to optimize their visualization. Players should be able to find quickly the stat they arer looking for and its ...
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Picking an optional maximum (Android)

I'm looking for a way for a user to set a maximum (optional) number for creating an object via a form. I was thinking of using a NumberPicker, but this requires that I set a top end right? I was ...
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How can I summarize the contents of a mathematical matrix in a single text field?

Here's a question that pertains to UI design, but for an application geared at a more technical audience. In my application, users can assign an object properties of several types. These types ...
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What is the effect of rounding counts of artefacts, like books or courses available?

I have been researching to find the right way to display the total number of artefacts, in this case, books available for sale in a website. Another example is the number of courses available in a ...
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How do I represent the minimum contribution percentage while allowing users to change the figures on the page and still default to the 50% OnPageLoad

Action: moving the slider adjusts the pricing on the page for an insurance package. Scenario: A user select a insurance benefit package for their employees. The minimum they can contribute is 50% of ...
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How to make a big random value more readable for humans?

I have a strong random value that looks something like 4?1V*8G?ۑL?? (it is actually even worse as some of the characters were changed to ? when pasting it here). I can convert it to a hexidecimal ...
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Dealing with dozen digit number inputs

I am building a game that involves money. Users have money. Interactions can be as large as a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) or as small as a few thousand. Basically, users set the price of land they ...
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I18n without translation

Having a locale-aware application starting up for a locale without translation, which behavior is best from the user experience point: Fall back to a supported locale (and give the user the option to ...
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What amount length to expect over all currencies?

I've looked around the questions and formatting prices with different currencies seems to be a recurring problem. I encountered a variation of this issue. I have figured a format to display the price ...
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How to allow user to choose a value multiplier

I've recently published an Android app that is intended for use as a board game currency (think Monopoly etc.). Because it is intended for multiple types of game, and because even within Monopoly the ...
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