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a nudge is anything to push a user toward following a particular behavior or taking a particular action

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What's the best order to remind users to complete their account information after registration

i'm designing a registration flow for an ecommerce app. Among the information needed, some information isn't needed immediately to complete registion. After filling in the minimum required fields, the ...
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How to make users leave out optional fields when they don't have anything interesting to fill in?

I am working on a CRUD application for describing tumor models. A tumor model is the description of an experiment an oncology researcher did with lab animals. There are a lot of possibilities of what ...
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How do you nudge users to download your native app?

I was reading an ACM research paper recently that considered users' revisitation patterns. The authors found that users tend to revisit native apps far more often than they revisit pages in browsers. ...
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How can I encourage my users not to multitask?

Context: I'm creating a website aimed at middle-schoolers and high-schoolers to help them collaboratively create stories. The site is gamified so that each user will want other users to vote for the ...
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