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a message to a user about some event.

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Show short background processes outcome on UI?

I have a workflow where when opening the workflow, a background user authentication is done to know if user has proper rights to execute the workflow. Now the check is usually very quick (<2 ...
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Is it advisable to show a bottom sheet after a feedback snackbar?

Is it advisable to show a bottom sheet after a feedback snackbar? The case would be submitting feedback and then after the snackbar disappears show a bottom sheet to redirect user to a different ...
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When to validate if the set of items selected totally valid for the operation?

Case: enterprise web-client solution for sales orders, the User needs to select lots of items to perform one operation in bulk and not all the items are applicable for this operation (due to hidden ...
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Error on initial push notification subscription

Does it make sense to inform the user with an error message when initial registration to push notifications fails?
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What's the name for the notification pattern: waiting for the user to respond to a notification before sending the next one?

Some websites (e.g. some forums) send notifications like this: User asks multiple questions on the site Other users respond to the questions The website only notifies the user once (that there has ...
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How and when should in-app notifications be shown to users?

We provide a platform where our customers run their business on our systems. We have several types of notifications we want to show to users: App feature update notifications Messages from ...
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Organizing a large list of notifications in a block on the dashboard

We are working on a dashboard for a bank and it is turning out to be quite loaded with information. In one of the blocks we provide information about the client base (how many clients you currently ...
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How to handle requests that will be picked up by a person and responded to within 5 minutes

I'm currently designing a voucher/discount journey. Due to system constraints, this is the scenario User needs to request a voucher. The request then goes to a crm that is managed by individuals. ...
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What's the difference between flag messages and toast messages?

What's the difference between flag messages and toast messages? Are they the same thing?
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Notifications drawer or new page? Linkedin vs FB

Most applications like Facebook show notifications in a notifications drawer. However, LinkedIn shows them on a new page. Why might taking the user to a whole new page be better UX than using a drawer/...
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