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a message to a user about some event.

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6 answers

The notification tray at the top of Stack Exchange sites: what is it called? And are there other good examples of this?

I'm trying to clean up notifications for a client site and was wondering if the notification pattern that Stack Exchange employs has a name that I can use to search for more examples.
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7 answers

How long should a temporary notification (toast) appear?

For our intranet application we have little notification messages (toasts) that indicate successful operations like "information saved," "logged out" etc. Most of them are not important enough to ...
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86 votes
6 answers

What is a "toast notification"?

Microsoft mentions the toast as a visual element in the package manifest for Metro-style apps with the attribute ToastCapable="true". What does this mean?
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34 votes
2 answers

Placement of flash/growl notifications or messages in web application

Question I have been wading through tons of questions on the topic of flash/growl notifications, but none of them touch on where those notifications should be placed and why they should be placed ...
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11 answers

Should alert boxes be avoided at any cost?

Thanks to Gabriel Svennerberg and Sam K for this one - raised in a comment here. I was fairly casual about alert boxes until a run of user tests where an alert box was put up to warn learners that ...
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22 votes
7 answers

How to define/classify messages and notifications in web applications

I have seen content from various style guides and UX guidelines about this, and was wondering if there is a much more simple system to create a consistent and easy to implement design for various ...
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16 votes
4 answers

How to tell the user that an input box is autocomplete-enabled?

Is there a good graphical sign which tells the user that a particular field on the page is autocomplete enabled? For instance, the field name says "Document author". When you start typing in that ...
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158 votes
12 answers

How Do I Avoid Users Becoming Numb to Warnings?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately because it's bitten me in the behind a few times. Think of the Windows User Account Control in Windows Vista (and to a lesser extent Windows 7). The idea is ...
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97 votes
10 answers

What are arguments against the usage of a ticker / marquee on websites?

I was recently asked to add a ticker (with daily updates) to one of our HTML-based dashboards. (A ticker would be text scrolling through the screen. In the past you could achieve something like that ...
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7 answers

Should I show the troll that I know he's trolling?

I'm building an online store that has many features and functions. Whenever a user interacts with the site a notification is shown. These notifications should give the user a response to his action ...
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6 answers

Best Practices for Warning of Session Expiration

Our application has a 30 min auto-expiring session - the session is renewed on server communication. What is the best way to communicate an expiring session to the user? My initial thought is a to ...
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21 votes
5 answers

Is a "Login Successful" Message Necessary?

On an informational/forum website (say, similar to a StackExchange site), is it necessary to show a "login successful" message? Clarification: On the site in question, the users can log in by ...
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17 votes
3 answers

Design pattern or best practices for top notification bars?

The top notification bar on SE pops up to show messages like 'badge x earned'. What are the best practices for this type of UI? Specific details: On showing - Displace content downward (like on SE) ...
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14 votes
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What will be the Best notifications and error messages?

As a UI architect, I am always wondering about the best format to display errors and notifications to users. Which of the following examples is the best format? Name is required Name cannot be ...
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1 answer

Prominent Notification Areas in a Desktop Application

I am working on ux for a desktop application for users. I am looking to find out more information, answers, best practices when it comes to handling notifications of actions and other alerts within a ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Is there a standard for the frequencies and or duration used for beeps?

Is there a standard for the frequencies and or duration used for error or alert beeps? When I hear a ding or bing sound, I sometimes find that the frequency of the tone is too high or low (in my ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Alerting visitors to a website of a current event (e.g. breaking news)

Backstory: We have a website for a conference. As part of the process of the conference, we invite people to submit sessions, but only for a limited period of time. We want to alert visitors to the ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Page updating: "full", "notification" or "replacing"

What is the best user experience with the auto-updating pages - for example, a list of songs. Currently I'm thinking about three good possible solutions: "Full" update: when the new content appear at ...
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How to Display Occasional Announcements on a Website?

I’d like to add an announcement banner or an element with the same functionality (e.g. alert, button) to a website to notify users about an upcoming survey. It should contain a call for participation, ...
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UI : Is it fine to have MessageBox without a caption?

A trivial UI guideline question - Is it ok to have MessageBox without caption ? I have a Winforms GUI with 3 confirmation boxes at different scenarios. Can anybody provide me some formal UI guidelines ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What image and message use in the "Not found" page (404 error page) [closed]

I've seen the robot of Google, the creature that has Github. I think that is question of imagination and what kind of data manages your web app to design a custom image and the message to show to the ...
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2 answers

Why do error and success messages have a close button?

It seems really weird as they usually do nothing, only hide themselves. Is it a "turn a blind eye to problem in hope it goes away"? I'm talking about inline status message like this one from Twitter'...
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4 votes
4 answers

Good examples of notification systems (other than iphone/android)? [closed]

Has anyone seen any good examples of notifications systems out there, aside from iphone or android? I'm looking to design a notifications system that will give the user a gentle nudge (as they work in ...
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Which case is good UX? A Peugeot VS BMW Story [closed]

This question applies to a different product than most UX designers are used to discuss: cars. Long story short, in my short 7 year driving experience I've be mostly driving two cars: a 2005 Peugeot ...
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Where to Put Credits for an App

I made an application that includes a list of credits. This contains, among other things, names of people who have helped, Kickstarter backers, and legal notices for software libraries I've used that ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Feedback : notification displaying and removal

I have some web applications which allow the users to do some actions. For example, i need to show a paginated items list. When the user clicks the "Create Item" button, a modal window is displayed. ...
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Alternative method of displaying notification alert to user with awkward icons

Due to the awkward nature of my notification icon, I've been forced to settle with a red dot near the notifications icon, which seems less than ideal from a UX point of view particularly because it ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Layout of dismissable event notifications

I'm building an event notification system for a PC browser. The events queue up on screen on top of each other, until you "acknowledge" or "dismiss" them. The information I need to display is: Ok ...
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Best practice for Web Push Notifications Prompt

I want to implement push notifications on my website. The obvious option is to simply show the prompt once the user lands on the page. But is this a good practice? I read the EDGE is auto-blocking the ...
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2 answers

Best practices for application alerts

As a developer, I'm always confused about the three basic values of any application's alert: Title Message Dismiss button What should be placed in those 3 values? FAQ for myself: Should the title ...
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"No video device" feedback examples

My app uses the webcam, some users may have a device not supported or even no device at all. Could you guys give an example of "negative" feedback to the user? I can't decide. "No device detected" "...
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Which one you think is better approach for viewing notification - facebook or quora/forrst?

Which one you think is better approach for viewing notification - facebook or quora/forrst (where you need to hitting the clear notification button) and why? For reading notification in fb, you just ...
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