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Everything related to how should be something called or, in general, good naming conventions.

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Best nomenclature for "pinning" and "favoriting"?

I have a panel that users will use to sort through list items. I want it to include two functions and was wondering what to name these so they make the most sense. One function will be to "pin&...
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Nomenclature of icons e.g. Kebab, Meatball, Hamburger

Is there any logic behind naming icons in UX ? e.g. Breadcrumbs, meatball, kebab, hamburger, doner. Possible logic of the name "breadcrumbs": It helps the user find a "page's location" similar to how ...
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How to show that more information is hidden?

I'm creating a dashboard with multiple states of information shown for each item. At this stage, I've got a "quick dashboard" and a "full dashboard". I'm trying to maintain a site-wide style of ...
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Which label is better for a blog article - Last updated or last modified

In the context of a blog where you have the date of the Blog article Title, author and date. There can be another date used to show when the last update of the article is. Is there a consideration or ...
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