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Display details of a node in a workflow with converging nodes [duplicate]

I'm making a workflow editor where each node in a DAG can have multiple inputs, multiple outputs and it can be called multiple times in a single execution. My next task is creating a display that ...
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Components in graph based UI with more complex interactions

Something that I noticed has become a feature of complex no-code software applications is the use of graph-like interfaces with more complex interactions such as the Unreal Engine 5 user interface. I ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Stuck with my UI design

I am facing sort of a mental block while redesigning a new UI at my Job. The previous UI was not user friendly and we received a lot of feedback to make it better. Now, finally after 2 years our team ...
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3 votes
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Marking nodes in tree as important

I’m working on kind of explorer which has a tree hierarchy which consists of two types of nodes, first type is a category and second is a resource. Category can contain only resources and resources ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Show/Hide Select All Tree Checkboxes

We are using a 3-level nav tree (Sport-Country-Competition) with nodes being selected only on the third level. Upon running usability tests, we identified that the absence of a "select all" option ...
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Good examples of UI patterns for data assembling [closed]

I'm particularly interested in Node based UIs and I have a few questions: 1. What are good and elegant services in your opinion that use these pattern to create complex outputs? (I really like how ...
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1 answer

Graphical Editor Patterns: Edit nodes a) inline b) with a dedicated edit view/dialog or c) a mixture of both

This question has been asked a few times but none that relate to a particular scenario: Graphical editors. I've noticed several different patterns, mainly Inline Edititng - Complex nodes have ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Best UI to create complex data structures; Node Tree, List Tree, Miller Columns, or something else?

I have a challenging task with redesigning a crucial part of my companies web app that is sold to external customers. The general idea behind the feature is that companies want a way to create complex ...
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