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How do you keep up to date of the latest UX trends? [closed]

I am new in UI/UX and I have been seeing design systems suggested by many articles and design trends to know about. I was wondering where people are getting all these ideas or news from? Is there some ...
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Do inline embeds detract from readability and useability of a news article?

If you have a news article, with a related gallery embedded after paragraph three, a twitter embed after a relevant paragraph referencing the Tweet, and a “for more information on x” reference link, ...
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Best practices when designing a News Website? [closed]

Can you give me some "Do's & Don'ts" about UX on news web design. Things like typefaces, colors, white-spacing, information architecture and so on... Thanks!
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Best practice for listing external news in website.

Companies often have external news coverage. For example, Company A might have articles written about them on the New York Times, CNN, etc... What is the best approach in terms of usability to list ...
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Short description in news box

I make a IT news portal. In homepage I am going to place 3 boxes per row with image, title, short description and button "See more >" I'm not sure to add a short description in box. Maybe only an ...
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Is it ok to make "news apps" to have internet connection while opening?

Currently My team members are in brainstorm session for local news app for both android and IOS. Since news is the thing that is supposed to be up to date with current time. Some members argue it to ...
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What's your view about Msn news? [closed]

I am developing a news website.While searching through top news based website like Google News,BBC,CNN and ... , I found that MSN has better UX and UI. What's your idea about MSN ?
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Should byline be above or below image?

A client of mine is a large newspaper and they are now doing some changes to their article template. One of the things they want to change is the byline so that it doesn't take up to much space. ...
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How to evaluate alternative ways people find content in a social/mobile driven news environment

It will be quite straight froward to evaluate desktop users' behaviour by using card sorting session. Shall I stick with card sort?
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Why they print four color circles on bottom of the newspaper? [closed]

Why do they print four color circles on bottom of the newspaper?
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Would emailing everyone who used our commenting system (over the last year) about a change be intrusive?

My company's news site is relaunching, and as part of this we are replacing our old commenting platform with Disqus. The team came up with the idea to email everyone who used the old platform to give ...
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Digital subscription on Newspaper differs from paper version

We browse newspaper sites daily and find the news the editors find most readable determined by the editors. They decide how important a news is, how it should be presented to the audience. Those news ...
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