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Multiple nested tabs alternative?

I am working on a web app for ipad and the app has nested architecture. As you see in the image we have like 3 levels of nested tab. The level 1 header has items on right side which I haven't shown ...
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UI dynamic nested modal

I am doing a complex nested display and data entry. So here how it goes. User will select an indicator and input a program,project and activity, however it can be either of the 3, or 2 of those or ...
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Mapping Data UI: Map objects (per childs) to additional data

I'm working on a UI problem when it comes to map data. Imagine you have a wall (object) that contains multiple layers like insulation, concrete and plaster (childs). To provide value with the software ...
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How to create a clear and editable hierarchy table?

I was seeing some old threads for hierarchical tables (like this one), but nothing quite fit my project requirements, so I thought we could update the discussion! In my application's hierarchy ...
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Nested Cards on mobile

I've come across many good nested/hierarchical data on mobile, problem is they often only include one line of information. I'm looking to include more information than just a card title, so I'm ...
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Input data in data tables

I have to design a data table which is going to be 288 rows and 15 in size. I want to make it easy for users to input data efficiently. The data covers an entire day, in 5 minutes intervals, i.e. (...
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Displaying Table inside Table

We have table setup like below. Before you click the plus table looks like Once you click on the plus next to any row, it opens up like this So as you can imagine if the user opens up too many ...
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How to effectively capture nested data?

We need to capture data in the following structure(A json payload is the easiest way to represent the structure I know of): { "A": [{ "B1": "foo", "B2": 1, "B3": [{ "C1": "bar", ...
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Nested (hierarchical) list needs solution for multi-select functionality

Our app requires us to allow users to created their own hierarchical groups, then associate documents with those groups. In my opinion the biggest usability concern is that users also need to be able ...
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Correct way to display row name/label

I want to display label (or name) for second row in a table so users know about what that row contains, please see image. Please note: On left there is another grid, thus adding name/label for the ...
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A table within a table - Table Inception

Here is a little UX problem I'm working on right now and I'm posting it here because after a lot of research, there are not many good examples of this out there. The context: Consider this as a web ...
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