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Best practice for a sub-menu in mobile

I'm a new UI designer and I'm trying to figure out how to make a sub-menu in mobile for an employer profile. So basically the company/employer profile is like a LinkedIn approach but I'm having a hard ...
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Is this navigation pattern a good idea?

I have noticed the following navigation pattern recently and am wondering if this is a "good" pattern in your experience. - Can you point to any usability research about the pattern? It ...
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Thoughts on miller column implementation - too messy?

I've seen a few questions regarding deep hierarchy and miller columns, but haven't seen an example of it with smaller screens (tablets, would be the limit. this is not for phones). I'm not really a UI ...
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Having a choice selection pop up right after main navigation use

I am working on a web-based application (only desktop) where users could enter new sets of data to the system by using preformed templates. As this is one of the main actions in the system, we will ...
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What do you typically use to launch a drawer component?

Outside of a hamburger menu, which is conventionally expected to open a drawer, is there another common treatment for initiating a drawer component on a page? A button? A link? Something else? Is ...
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Is it okay to use both nav drawer and bottom nav in home screen of an android app?

I am developing app, my home screen looks like below (using both navdrawer and bottom nav simultaneously) I used bottom nav, because I wanted to give user the easy access to the higher level ...
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What should be the ratio of sidebar navigation to screen in ios?

I am working on designing a native iOS app. For one of the screen need to design a side navigation bar. Android navigation bar standard size details are available here -
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Dynamic items in Navigation Drawer?

I have about 7 menu items in my navigation drawer. One of which is - Account Name. When the user selects an account, say 'ABC' the side menu item name is set as 'ABC'. Clicking on it takes the user to ...
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Why opt for right-sided nav drawers?

Why, in some instances, do some (desktop) web pages open the navigation drawer on the right hand side of the page? Is there a specific reason why the left side isn't always preferred? If yes: Why ...
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