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A MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

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Would removing features from our mvp just because competitors are doing it better be reasonable decision?

Two of our three core features are already developed by tech giants and there is no value we can provide beyond what the competitors are offering. Would removing them just because competitors are ...
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Placing a non working icon or menu option in an application

My CEO asks me to place in a MVP (alpha version of a product in production) icons for functionality that does not yet exist. Specifically a filter icon. This way he will be able to tell - when he ...
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How to downscale the scope of startup who assumes full product as a MVP

I'm working as a hybrid designer with this company. I do UX/UI/IA/Research etc. Of course, it's too much for one person but they don't need more than one cook at the kitchen while they're setting up ...
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Can we conduct Interviews + Usability Tests in the same session? Let's say 30min + 30 mins each

We're about to launch our MVP and as the sole designer of the team, I know we will have some usability issues. Besides, I want to know if the product is a market fit because the main members of the ...
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What to incorporate into your MVP/first version to gain user insights for the next version?

I'm building a product and have ideas for future features, but I want to make sure the first version of the product, the MVP, is designed in such a way that I can gain insights into whether these ...
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How important is it to know the "ideal state" you're designing towards?

How important is it for UX designers to first take a step back to figure out what that "ideal state" is, before carrying out the incremental improvements? The former will exhaust more time & ...
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UX Strategy for MVP's [closed]

Could you please any one tell me about the UX method for MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCTS? We can't follow the traditional UX Strategy such as user research, scenarios, prototyping, user testing etc.. for the ...
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Can something be a Minimum Viable Product if it lacks features that will be necessary for sustainability?

I've heard various definitions of minimum viable product (MVP), but they all focus on a simplified, yet useful, version of the final product. My team is building a product that currently appeals to ...
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For a MVP - How relevant is focus on UX and good design overall?

In this article here,, and many others from respectful resources about MVP - design supposedly takes a backseat (read section, "Go Ugly Early"). ...
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