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What's the best word/label to put on a multitask button?

We have a web app. It currently has a button which opens a modal window. This modal window has quite a lot of functions in it. Here they are: Generate a PDF of the selected products (the most ...
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How can I encourage my users not to multitask?

Context: I'm creating a website aimed at middle-schoolers and high-schoolers to help them collaboratively create stories. The site is gamified so that each user will want other users to vote for the ...
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14 answers

Do people really want to look at multiple windows at once?

I'm referring to Jakob Nielsen's alertbox from November 19, 2012. He complains about the lack of windows in Windows 8: Lack of Multiple Windows = Memory Overload for Complex Tasks One of the ...
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For programmers, what's the most intuitive keyboard shortcut for switching between programming logic and unit tests?

I'm developing a browser-based application for programming and unit-testing. What's the best keyboard shortcut to switch between the programming pane and the unit-testing pane? Ctrl+T would seem good ...
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After switching to Safari, should I close a modal view or should I not?

I am creating an iOS app in which the user can tap an astronomical object. When this astronomical object is tapped a modal view slides up (from the bottom of the screen). This modal view provides the ...
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