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Desktop users often have the ability to use multiple monitors or screens to widen their display and improve productivity. Typically this is done by adding additional monitors, but can also extend to streaming the display to other devices.

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Best UX pattern for uploading multiple pictures on a mosaic

I am building an online print on demand tool. The final result is a physical object with several faces, each face containing an user-uploaded picture. I want users to be able to upload a pictures from ...
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Make multiple menus work sequentially

I am working on simple point-of-sale (POS) software for a cafe. I have to accomodate 3 selection options: Selecting current sale user needs. Some sales can be saved for later use. Table catering to. ...
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Are there any examples of multi-screen or multi-device design patterns?

There are increasingly more offices and work environment setups that allow employees to use multiple screens to do their work, and there are also many people who use multiple devices at the same time. ...
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Combining Swipe menu and swipe screen

Is there a good way to combine a swipe menu with the ability to swipe multiple screen? Or is the idea generally bad? The idea is to create a swipe menu to select from multiple screens(let's say 6) and ...
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Is the use of carousels good? Do users actually know how to use a carousel? [duplicate]

The question is pretty much what is on the title. I keep having the feeling that building a multiscreen (responsive/adaptative) environment with carousels is something that the users don't know how to ...
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Guidelines for developing multi-monitor enabled applications

I recently started a side project for a tool to help writers, both fiction and non-fiction, delivering their works and maintaining consistency. My idea is to have different information available in ...
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What are the usability benefits of using multiple monitors?

I've read a lot of articles suggesting that work patterns are more effective when using more than one monitor. But why is that the case, from an HCI perspective? And as follow-up questions, are there ...
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Should I use responsive design for an enterprise application used on a variable number of screens?

I'm designing UI for an enterprise application in which the users view their work environment in a single screen mode and dual screen mode (desktops only!). With this system, the users fill in ...
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