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A multi-language website/app is a website/app where the content is written in more than one language. The information displayed in different languages is often the same, translated, but maybe tailored for different audiences.

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Visual way (icon or otherwise) to indicate localization language is only partially complete

We have an application that is localised in 40 languages and that number is growing. When a person first starts up the program they are greeted with an interface language choice: When a user ever ...
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In a multilingual app, can we use only English for titles, alt etc

In a multilingual app, regarding accessibility usages, can we use english for titles, alt etc., or should we adapt accordingly to the language selected? Example: always use title="Back to the ...
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Simplified Chinese and compatibility with spoken Chinese languages using VoiceOver / TalkBack

I'm designing an app for Chinese speaking people with disability. It will be on both iOS and Android. I don't speak or read any chinese language. The app content will be in Chinese Simplified (lang='...
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Usability studies on language switches and multi-lingual content websites

Does anyone have actual usability study / testing research around the most effective solutions for language switches, or even dealing with linguistically fragmented content on an information website? ...
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In a sign-up wizard, how can I let a user enter the same fields for different languages on every step?

I need to design a signup wizard for a web app that is going to be used only inside a firm. The app can be accessed from desktops and mobiles. The average end-user is not very technical, so the ...
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Decrease the font size or break to a new line with multiple languages?

I would like to know what is the better way to deal with the following issue: A website supports multiple languages; some of them fit on one line of a container, while others do not. Is it better to ...
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Button to change language [duplicate]

I am developing a website in two languages (English and Italian) and I use a flag icon to switch between them. What is the common/best practice if I am viewing the Italian page? Show the Italian flag,...
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When it is preferable to have a multi-language platform and when is not?

In a world where English became the second language for most people or at least for the users that buy on international platforms, multi-language websites/ apps are still the best choice for a good UX?...
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