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Questions tagged [monospaced-font]

a font designed so every character takes up the same space width wise, used where the clear definition of columns of characters is important, such as when writing computer code or displaying ledger information

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3 votes
1 answer

Why is monospaced text often smaller than regular text?

I often see that monospaced text is smaller than regular text in the same context. Here are some examples: Crafting Interpreters has the main font 16px large and the monospaced font 13px large. ...
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4 answers

Is it a good decision to include monospace fonts in UI?

I'm working on a blogging platform which have a community of writers. In the first iteration, I paired a monospace font with a serif font for the entire platform because those two fonts are most ...
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Why monospaced fonts are not used as frequently as serif and sans-serif fonts, outside coding?

We see sans-serif and serif fonts everywhere, from the web to printed books and newspapers. I'm wondering why monospaced fonts are not popular outside coding context? Here is a simple comparison I ...
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Monospaced font choice with Material Design

In our application, we adhere to Material Design as much as possible. But the Material Design specification doesn't include any information about a monospaced font. I need to render a set of tables ...
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2 answers

Does the use of monospaced fonts negatively affect legibility of article text?

Is there any reason I should not use monospaced typefaces for text in articles? Do they negatively affect the reader's ability to easily read long-form text?
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