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What's the best way to express discounts on an order summary?

Is there a standardized way to express discounts or credits in an order summary? Example... Sub total: $20 Discount: -$10 Total: $10 I've seen discounts expressed as -$10, $-10, ($10), and +$...
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Stacked bar chart: 100 Year Lifecycle Investment Requirements

My organization has tasked me with copying a specific stacked bar chart (someone stumbled upon it on the web) in order to visually display information about 100 Year Lifecycle Investment Requirements. ...
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Cancel request at any time during a flow

I am currently designing a payment flow for a mobile app. The flow is divided in 5 steps : Choose account Scan QR Code Enter amount + Memo Fees Review & send While I was designing it, I told ...
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What amount of actions should a user perform to earn privileges

My question is related to "virtual economy system" so it's kinda political. I have a question and answer website like SE, however, there are both free and paid questions. An OP can devote money to ...
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Is 'Credit and Debit Payment' a user-friendly term/word?

First question here, hopefully it's not too shabby. I'm analysing an app that has account balance system. I'll try to make a scenario, though this is fictional. An app acts as a bridge between ...
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When is it appropriate to use masking on an input field?

I am having some difficulty convincing myself that users will like masking applied to input fields (Web form). I personally hate it when forms manipulate my input while I'm typing it. I'd rather have ...
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Users entering the wrong decimal separators for US$ amounts

I have an application that accepts a dollar amount in $USD. Unfortunately, some people are foreign/visitors to the US and type in amounts with commas instead of periods: they format the number as XXX....
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Dealing with dozen digit number inputs

I am building a game that involves money. Users have money. Interactions can be as large as a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) or as small as a few thousand. Basically, users set the price of land they ...
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Ads before lock screen are effective?

Recently I'm working on an android app which displays ads by advertisers and people who see those ads earn little money. Ads are in format of images, videos, audio, news or even quotes It works like ...
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Which price format is more readable for car sites

In India car prices are mostly above Rs 1,00,000. Rs 1,00,000 is also called as 1 Lac or Lakh in India. Suppose a car is worth Rs 3,80,000. What will be the most suitable option, 3.8 Lacs or 3,80,...
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Can the "$" symbol be safely considered as universal when making a graphic depicting money?

Want to get a sense of any best practices of using the "$" dollar sign in the context of an image in order to depict a universal idea of money. UPDATE: My task was to create an icon/graphic used in ...
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What is the terminology for tricking the user into thinking they've almost won big?

I don't exactly know the name for this mechanic, that tricks the user into thinking they were very close to winning big. The following screenshot is from the game Dirty Bomb: Imagine a deck of cards, ...
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How to communicate "we owe you" vs "you owe us"?

Usually when I log in to check my account at the utilities website, I see something like this: And I'm usually stumped as I have no idea whether "in debit" means whether I have still outstanding ...
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How should a sum of heterogeneous currencies be presented to the user?

We write analytics software. Recently our customers have asked us to take a look at expanding our services into the e-commerce arena, and this has raised some tricky questions in an internationalized ...
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Full list of currency / money formatting based on locale [duplicate]

I'm looking for a full list of currency / money formatting for each locale. I know that for US for example 1500.00 USD would be formatted as $ 1,500.00 Australian user would see US$ instead of $. ...
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Mobile money input, easiest method

For a monetary input, I would have liked to use the input[type=tel], but sadly the decimal/period character is missing from most telephone keyboards on mobile devices. This is a payment amount that a ...
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3 answers

How to display money in an international website?

What is the best way to display money on a website that will be available in multiple languages? I can think on many ways, but can't see the best one. The easiest branch is using always the same ...
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What is the correct way to format cents and dollars in a grid column with a total?

I have a grid with columns that are formatted as cents and dollars. By default, the tender and amount columns are being formatted as integers, but for the total we are formatting it as 2 decimal ...
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How to format tables with monetary data?

I am working on a web app that needs to display revenue data in a table, and I am not quite sure how to make it easy to read. Are there are any style guides or manuals that can help me? For ...
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