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Audio ads during long breaks in GPS navigation

I am creating a GPS Navigation mobile app and have been struggling to brainstorm an idea to monetize the app. One route would be to have a paid and free version but I feel as though features should ...
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How do I provide value to my email subscribers without just duplicating content from my site?

I started a site about two years ago to aggregate free kindle ebooks from Amazon and display them in a Pinterest-like fashion. It was just a little weekend project, as I had a new job and wanted to ...
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Would you hide prices for a B2B software on products' public site?

I'm working on a cloud based B2B software and top management is insisting we don't show the prices on our public site. I can't understand the reasoning behind this. How will this affect the customers -...
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Infinite scrolling and page views

I'm working on a content-delivery portal restyle. Basically, it has huge lists of addresses and numbers (sort of whitepages). What I was wondering is: I wanted to test infinite scrolling and avoid ...
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How do interstitial ads impact site UX?

(Spawned by How should Ad splash pages be handled for those with ads disabled?) Has any data been published on the impact of interstitial (whole page ads between content) on the user's experience? Is ...
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