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Edit mode + Side panel/Modal, how to deal with double validation?

I am currently struggling with an edit mode user scenario inside a web application. Context The web application will be used also on mobile, so we can't use “on hover” comportment. 99% of the time, ...
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Portrait vs Landscape Mode [closed]

Portrait & Landscape layouts - What is the UX guidelines for making two distinct layouts i.e. where the layouts will be significantly different from each other.
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Should you conserve space by having a single transforming button instead of two non functional ones?

I’m currently designing a webpage where users are asked to modify the positions of certain elements. Currently I have a single button to allow the users to enter “edit mode” which allows them to drag ...
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Nested edit states. What to do when edits are save-able at local and global level?

We are making a solution where a user is supposed to evaluate a number of requirements and laws. These evaluations all happen on one page, and the requirement/law is evaluated one at at time - all the ...
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How can I make this user selection screen offer a better user experience?

I am working on a site that requires users to identify whether they are a teacher or parent. To ensure I make this as intuitive as possible, are there any obvious changes I should make to the approach ...
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How to make a switch between a form and a text editor?

I'm making a platform where users can upload research results. They can upload these results in two different ways: with a form with multiple input fields and with a normal text editor. The mode with ...
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Two options for changing modes. Which one is better?

The system, that i'm working on, has two different content density styles: compact and cozy. The first mode is for running on non-touch (mouse and keyboard-enabled) devices, with reduced control ...
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View vs Modify "mode"

Currently we have several screens in an enterprise application that allow the user to view information but also, should they choose, to change the information in that screen. For the most part, they ...
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