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A software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.

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Notify in-app or device-level in an enterprise mobile app

User is suppose to use this app all day in the field while taking orders. Order could be saved offline (when network is not available) and saved on server when network is available again. If the data ...
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What is a better phrase that will inform the user about app autostart?

What is a better phrase that will inform a user about an app autostart after power connected: "App will run automatically on power connected" "App will start autommatically when power connected"
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Should I force the user to enter an email before actually using a paid app?

I am working on an iPad app. It's in the medical field and the app will be sold for $99, which is kind of expensive! The client and the developer want to force the user to give his/her email address ...
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Where to place buttons on a phone application

Where is the best place to put buttons on a phone application where everything is based around a google map which is always displayed, for commonly used functions such as search? ie: top, left, ...'s user avatar
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How to represent this app trick? [closed]

I have designed an Android app for love calculator, but I have given two radio buttons on the upper left and right corner : These radio buttons don't have any labels because they are used to ...
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How to decide whether I should make a mobile app full screen (hide the system bar)?

The system bar is the OS information bar on the top. It usually shows time, data and wi-fi signal strength, battery percentage, and etc. I know I should make intense action games full screen, but ...
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How detailed can/should I go with the Android OS in terms of design? [closed]

I am working on designing my very first Android app for tablets and I wanted to know what all should I know before even opening PS or other programs to design? The current app that I'm redesigning ...
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Displaying links to Privacy Policy and terms of Use on App

I'm creating a mobile app (for iPhone) for a product which has a website right now. The website Log In/sign up page consists of links to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, FAQ, consent Policy, Contact ...
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User research on 100 people

Has anyone ever conducted user testing on a mobile app or service with a large amount of people? (around 100 people). We plan to give the users the application and have them use it for 1 week. It ...
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Do I need to inform the user that a view on an iPad app is loading

I am designing and building an iPad app. Some pages on the app are blank when you first navigate to them prior to the page loading. Do I need to inform the user that the page is loading or do I just ...
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Is showing a loader inside a button on mobile a good practice?

On many apps the "loading" state is displayed inside a blank screen. I was considering having it directly inside the touched button but I wanted to know if it's something common. I don't have example ...
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Is there a way to show a lot of categories without requiring a lot of scrolling on Android?

I'm thinking of designing an Android app, however I'm falling at the first hurdle, the layout. The app will display a large amount of categories for the user to choose from on the first screen. There'...
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Answer button placement on Mobile phone app

This question is regarding phone apps on Mobiles and Desktops. When I receive a call on my Mobile phone app "Answer" button is placed on right side of "Decline" button where as on my desktop same app "...
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Should a sidebar containing options or properties be placed on the left or right in an app?

I'm writing a tasks app for Ubuntu Touch. In the home page, I have a list of projects in a sidebar on the left, with a list of tasks on the right: When a user clicks a task, he is taken to a page ...
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Have there been any usability studies for finger signing on mobile apps

Ever tried to sign your credit card receipt on a tablet? It takes a bit of getting used to, but since so many coffee shops etc... now use those apps, users are 'getting used to it'. However, what ...
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Examples of online help for hands-on physical hardware components rather than software? [closed]

Almost all online help (OLH) "best practices" and solutions seem designed exclusively for software and assume that the tasks will be performed directly on a computer. Now, what about help for field ...
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Better way to display excessive data in table cell iOS

I am displaying data retrieved from server in UITableView. Each cell has to display more than 10 fields as shown in figure. Its looking very ugly if I just simply put up the fields in cell. I have ...
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"Public", "Private", and "Private to" Comments

So, I have been tasked with developing a comment system on an existing document reader on both tablet and desktop. A requirement is that I use the "Comment" structure for all types of annotations on ...
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If guessing a display name, what kind of confirmation is needed?

In an iPhone app of mine, the user needs a display name, that appears for other users. I found out that I can guess a user's display name. In the mockup below I have guessed that it should be "Sanna"....
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Is it beneficial to launch a complete app or gradually update the app over time?

I have an application with a very limited range of functions. This means that once I have implemented all the features there will be almost no updates in the features. Users are aware of the range of ...
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Should apps' design evolve according to the OS version?

In iOS 7, Apple revamped the whole OS's look and feel. Removing a lot of gloss and 3D stylistic elements. Does this mean that the apps built for iOS 7 must change as well to match this new style? ...
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Why did Gmail for Android move all actions to the top?

On the release of the new Gmail app for Android, I noticed that they moved all of the primary actions for messages to the top of the screen. As a user, I really liked how delete, archive, and mark as ...
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First launch tutorial - Stacked screenshots vs. overlayed bubbles?

When the user first launches our mobile application, we would like him to go through a few steps explaining the main features/controls of the interface. I see two possibilities: a series of stacked ...
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Can I ask a user to browse the Web in order to gather images?

In a mobile application, (on iOS to be exact) I would like to propose the user to import its own images, let's say twelve images for a calendar. If the images are not present on the device, I would ...
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What is the best way to handle close buttons in dialogs in a mobile app?

I have a small dialog where a user can add an email to subscribe. I am torn between changing the subscribe button to take 50% of the place and adding cancel or simply make the x bigger. Any other ...
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Mobile application navigation setup

We are making an app to register progress on certain functions, such as delivery on purchase orders or time registration. Everything is registered for a certain project. But we seem to have two types ...
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Is it necessary to show the name of the application on the screen?

For a mobile application, should all views show the name of the application? On the one hand, we don't want the user to get lost, but on the other, it could just take up space. Is there a UI best ...
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Location based screen, location unavailable

I am working on a section of my app that requires the users location to pull data from an API. Given a scenario where the location is unavailable to the app, what would you guys suggest? A couple of ...
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