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The role of the history of participation in interest making, and possible new interest making

I would like to ask, how much of a role does personalization (e g. some product reminds you of something you did, thought, in the past, or of a relationship you had in the past), play, on code ...
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What is a 'best-in-class' credential reset pattern?

When we design secure systems there is always a tension between memorability, security and cost (e.g. Calls to a call centre). Until recently, I've always tackled this by getting users to set up ...
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How long does the User remember?

I'm wondering for how long the User holds the knowledge about a site? Assuming that you (as User) came to a new website, browse it for a while, accomplish your goals and then leave. You have learned ...
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Serif/sans-serif and memory

I read that serif letters are more easily recognizable when you look at them, and because I am working on project linked to the memory, I was wondering if the fact that they are more easily ...
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User experience metric from individual measurements

I am working on calculating a "quality of experience" metric for an interactive application. This takes into account things like how responsive the app is, and how good the output is (sorry this is ...
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Forcing users to use a particular pattern for passwords

Many websites, specially government ones, enforce users to use a password which conforms to particular criteria. For example: use between 8-13 characters with at-least one integer and one capital ...
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To lower user's cognitive memory load or not?

Naturally, it sounds like it is only best for our users if our design could reduce user's cognitive workload when performing a task. However, there are also theories that explain the need for a ...
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How long can a user remember what they were working on?

A web application lets the user browse its screens for future or past months. The time period the user is currently viewing follows the user through every screen of the system. But users can be ...
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CLI and Recall Memory [closed]

Is there any evidence that using a command line interface will improve a user's recall memory? or... Do users with better predispositions to recall abilities do better with command line interfaces?
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