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1 answer

How to avoid the bandwagon effect on users?

Users in a target audience are likely to experience the bandwagon effect because they rely on others' assessment of information. In some domains [1], it is expected that some users are less likely to ...
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3 answers

Do Sci-Fi interfaces look reliable?

I'm designing interface for medical program, which will be used to show clients their data from sensors in real time. So, it will not be used for real work and will only implement some basic ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can a Warning message consist of multiple messages within it?

Background: I am currently evaluating a medical enterprise application. This application enables certain tasks through the hardware ( medical device) for the patients. As I redesign the User ...
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Medical Device Interface Standards?

I tried to find some standards about medical x-ray device interfaces. I found some icon restrictions but that's all. Is there any good resource and standards for Medical Device Interfaces that you ...
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