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Media queries allow CSS, SASS, SCSS to respond to various environments among different screen resolutions.

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Minimal height for a responsive design without scrolling

Many posts (e.g. this) are dedicated to the minimal width for the responsive design and the consensus is that 320px is the reasonable minimal width. I understand that minimal height is not discussed, ...
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Is there a css @media query that can identify a landscape or portrait display? [closed]

I am trying to create a media query to identify if a screen is landscape or portrait so that I can change the CSS styling when a screen is rotated. Is this possible and how would i do it?
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Is 320px wide designs still relevant? (responsive web)

For a couple of years the smallest design I make for responsive websites is 375px wide. Now our new frontend developer eats my brain that I should provide 320px wide. And even if I will not she will ...
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How representative is the number of people who resize their browsers?

When you build a responsive site, you have media queries. As long as the screen is more or less the size of common media queries, for example Bootstrap's defaults, a design will probably look as ...
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Custom Type and Mobile Optimized layout for Email Clients

I'm in need of your help in regards of Email Clients. I'm looking at developing some marketing email templates that have custom fonts and can be mobile optimized. I've been searching around the web ...
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Best Practice for Responsive Website Header

While working on converting an outdated website to be more responsive I came across a concern with the website header. The client wants to keep their large graphic (both image and text are 1, not 2 ...
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