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Material Design is a design language developed by Google. Based on the paper and ink metaphor, the framework is characterised by the use of 'cards', grid-based layouts, responsive animations, transitions and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. "Material is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design." (

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Android TabStrip navigation alternative on iOS

I am in the process of porting my material design Android app into a native iOS app with Swift. The two apps are very similarly navigated, and share many design features (a mashup of iOS design and ...
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How to indicate selectability in an information-focused list

My first question, let me know if I should edit! I'm working on a list-map hybrid, where each item on the list can be selected, to show up on the map (like Yelp). The list needs to give a fair ...
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How to show pre-filtered list on a search results area

I am working an iOS app that manage employees requests, I have a screen that shows requests, and a search field above it, I can search within my requests. but, I can also send a push notification with ...
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Material design edge-to-edge chips field error display

The material design spec for text and chip fields says that errors should be displayed below the field In the case of edge-to-edge chips fields (like those at the top of the chips page: https://...
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Persistent Rich Tooltips

Material Design has rich tooltips which can also be persistent. As it's explained here, these tooltips: remain active even when leaving the target region can contain links only disappear once you ...
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Rationale behind the Material Design (M3) color system of interaction states

According to the documentation here, interaction states (hover, focus, pressed etc) are represented by overlaying an additional state layer on top of the container: The state layer is an overlay with ...
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Signify that some input controls map to private information

I'm developing an app meant to be used by a school; user personas are teachers and students. Teachers can add exercises to the app database through an editor. Some of the fields of an exercise are ...
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Why does Material 3 contains no color for success, while there is one for error?

Why does Material 3 contains no color for success, while there is one for error? Seems a bit asymmetric? Wonder if this is intentional, as in: "success is a normal flow, no further color ...
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Material Design | Dialoge from floating action button - how to do it? Is it even a good idea?

I'm designing a dark-mode-first desktop website for an online media organization. One of the key characteristics of the organiation is its community, and how open, friendly, inviting and communical it ...
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Material Design the correct way to work with primary and secondary action in this case

Today I've got a question about the correct way to use material design in a "UX way" and in a particular case. I'm working on a desktop interface with a sidebar on the left that control main focus ...
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Guidelines for Material Card in Android

If I were to follow elevated card(first one) like here, where should I place the expand more arrow? Also, is it okay to do the same card with image on the left? Cards displayed are different brands ...
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