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Padding best practices

I'm interested in hearing from other designers about how they go about padding/margins while prototyping. Particularly, when you are building semi-complex prototypes which have several tiers of nested ...
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Why has extreme padding become so common in web/UI design since 2019?

From 2014-2019, Windows/Windows apps, macOS/macOS apps, and most websites have used modest levels of padding in their user interfaces. From what I understand, the padding is there to make it easier to ...
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Is it OK to break consistency in my page margins?

I am a beginner and designing my first UI wireframes for a large website with 80+ screens. My question is we set a margin width for the pages of 100px on each side of the page (the screen sizes are ...
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Margin Usage on Body

My team is working on creating a dashboard and we’re having a bit of a conflict as to whether the body of the website should have a margin or not. The above image is the dashboard with the margin and ...
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Should I put a separation after a featured section?

Here is the footer of my website. A thin line with equal top/bottom margin separate content from footer. Now if my content end by a features section, how do I separate my footer ?
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What is it about Instagram's layout that makes it so popular?

When I ask clients, colleagues, and friends why they much prefer using Instagram to some of their brand in-house photo sharing apps(in fashion), they respond that it's mostly the cleanliness and their ...
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Should a responsive sticky side menu stay sticky at high resolution?

We have a website/app that has a side menu that sticks to the left side of the screen (see mockup below) It is a responsive site, so when accessed on higher resolution screens (or if the user zooms ...
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When an editor field overflows, should there be a bottom margin?

When a text editor overflows, should there be a bottom margin? With bottom margin: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups Without bottom margin: download bmml source
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What is the recommended minimal margin for text to the border of the screen on a phone?

The amount of space is limited, so the smaller the margin the more text we can have displayed horizontally. For a phone this is of course far more important than for a desktop or tablet. But is a ...
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