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To press a physical button or tap a virtual button on a touchscreen and hold it down for a second or two. The normal "short press" or "short tap" (releasing right away) performs one operation, while pressing/tapping and holding that same button for a short time activates another. For example, a short press of the iPhone's home button retrieves the home screen, while a long press launches the Siri virtual assistant.

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Best way to discover creating events in calendar application

I have a mobile calendar app First I want to say that my app is not a normal calendar app, because users may sometimes need to add a lot of events at once, not like google calendar where people ...
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Deletion and Editing by Long Press

I am thinking of having the user long press any item on my iOS and Android apps in order to edit or delete it. Is that ok to do? Please see below. Will it work well? Thanks.
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Long press action clue/indicator

On a desktop and touch devices, I'd like to know is there is a way to tell the user that some control could be clicked (one action) and long pressed (another action)? Real-world example: We have ...
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android visual clue/hint that long-tap is available for a control

I am implemnting an app that can tag photos The listview-items contain 3 image-buttons and a text. If user long-taps on a list-view-item-button there will be additional functionality (menu or dialog)....
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3D Touch for 6s users and long press for iPhone < 6s?

I'm designing a feature for a iPhone app where the user can drag and drop an element horizontally through the viewport. In order to start dragging the user would press and hold on the element for it ...
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Is a right-click equal to a long press?

On desktop devices you can use the alternative mouse button (the right-click) to bring up contextual menus. As an example you can use the alternative mouse button in a word processor and get to see ...
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