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2 answers

Best way to reorganize large forms with niche user group?

I've hit a challenge with designing a web application that has a long form with many text field inputs (30+). Solutions go against best practices. Users are very technical and are engineers who need ...
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How to implement a fixed "submit" button on a long form

So I have a configuration menu and I want to add the "submit changes" button fixed to the bottom right corner of the screen. My issue is, my configuration menu options can expand past the ...
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Multiple drop-down lists based on conditions

I am currently designing an email configuration tool which has a set of drop downs. They're all based on conditions, so every drop-down list triggers the next one and so on. Below is a rough wireframe ...
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Indicate a Input Value is the Primary Unit

I'm currently putting together a UI content block that would allow a user to select a unit, unit size, position and input the needed crew values. The end user should be able to determine whether or ...
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Should I use popups inside a wizard form?

I have a very long wizard form and I need to add even more information within each step. For now I have decided to add it using pop-ups. I know it is a bad practice, but I can not come up with a ...
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How to improve Legacy Form submission ( >20 input fields) [closed]

The product that I am working on has a lot of forms inputs in one page. I'd ideally want to bring the entire UX to 2019 (the application was built in early 2000). One idea that I've tried is breaking ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Good example of a multi-column form

What is a good example(s) of such a form? I know that the general rule is to stick to the single-column pattern, but in my opinion, many of such "rules" come from people working on ...
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What can be the best UX for too many forms

The web platform belongs to hotel industry and this page has too many form while adding guests at a time. Adding one by one form steps is also adding too many clicks so can anyone suggest the best UX ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Lengthy forms with scroll (on Web)

Is there any recommended way to tackle very lengthy forms, with long scrolls? I'm talking about web interface. My use case requires the user to fill up a lengthy form for each operation ("operation" ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Long form navigation UX

I am working with a project that has a very long form (about 72 different input fields). And I am struggling with the best way to implement a user friendly design. I have grouped and chunked the ...
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Best Practice Validation for Long Form with Disabled Submit Button

Hi and thanks in advance for your help. I'm working on a form that was built using Angular 2. By default, the submit button is disabled until all required fields are complete. The form is long and ...
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1 answer

Problem with layout of multiple complicated forms

I'm struggling to find the best way to design configuration for our program. We develop financial software that has quite complex configuration. There are many settings, they are grouped into logical ...
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3 answers

What is good alternative to show modal dialog with very long forms?

I want to see the alternatives of modal dialogs containing long forms so that the design don't break.
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5 answers

Making a very large form user friendly

We are currently in the design phase of an app that requires at some stage, users to complete a form. The form can be broken up into 3 sections. We will let the user then use a step process to fill ...
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