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75 votes
5 answers

Why is it standard for a website logo to navigate to the home page?

Why has it become an industry standard for logos to redirect a user to a website's homepage? Where was this first seen?
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40 votes
1 answer

How do you decide UI colors when logo consist of three colors?

I have case where logo without name have three colors (dark blue, light blue and pink) which can be called as brand colors, but I am struggling to decide on UI surface colors (ex: cards, navbar, etc). ...
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2 votes
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What is the best way to prevent logo distortion and poor quality when allowing users of an app to upload their own logo?

I'm not a fan of allowing any outside logos into an app but it is a Client requirement. The requirement is that a user can upload their logo and it will replace the app logo in a space that is 120px - ...
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Having 4 colors in logo (like Google, Microsoft and eBay), for which kind of companies does work too? [closed]

Google, Microsoft, eBay (and some other corporate companies) use 4 colors in their logos: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. How does it help their branding? And for which kind of companies does it work. ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Logo - where should it direct within a website account?

Imagine there's a website with its content, but it also offers accounts that users can activate through this website. The account is basically the main functionality. (The website is mostly about this ...
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