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is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identification of the user using credentials provided by the user

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Best practice for a public page (not logged in page) prior to log in

Hoping to get some best practices on what should be shown on a landing page or a not logged in page prior to our users logging in. We have a landing page / public page before the login page. And we ...
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Should I add sign up after onboarding (customisation) or before?

I am creating UI for a recipe app. I want to include customisation. Asking questions about diet, allergies and time available for preparation. Should I include login/sign up before or after this ...
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What are usability implications of using magic link/password-less only login for older users?

The audience of the product tends to be older (50+) so it is very likely that it would be their first time using an app that is password-less login only. We fear this might be confusing for this user ...
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Does a plus sign indicate to login to access associated price

The aim is to get the customer to login. So we are providing a different pricing model when signed in, does a plus sign indicate to the customer to tap this (a pop up to login will appear) and then ...
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Sign-up and Log-in for two different sets of users

TL;DR / PROBLEM SUMMARY Business users should only sign up and login with the email/password option using their work email address. They cannot login with social login options. Personal users can ...
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Any suggestions for letting user Activation by clicking link OR typing in confirmation code?

Sometimes, our users do not have access to their email on the same device they are using our web app on, for example, they can check their email on their iphone, but the iphone is too small to use ...
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How to let existing users buy a subscription without logging-in on the same email-id?

I'm designing the subscription flow for my site and I don't want users to drop off during the checkout process. A common reason for existing users to drop off was due to them forgetting their password ...
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Delicately combine Material 3 Text-fields and buttons

How do I get a "pure" Material 3 login screen to look good. What I don't think looks good is the height on the Text-fields and buttons are not the same, and the filled button have more ...
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What is the best practice to invite user to access the web application?

Currently, I am planning a web app that will be something like Google Forms, though with a different model. I'd really appreciate any opinions you have regarding better UX and a more sensible approach....
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Using a single email field to navigate to login if account exists or else to sign up

Are there any usability studies on the preference for the following Login/Sign up scenario. On the first page of the mobile application, you will see a field to enter the email address. If the email ...
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Is it okay to combine Log-in and Sign-up for passwordless/magic-link logins?

The generally received wisdom online seems to be to keep your log-in and sign-up/register flows separate. The reason being, that they are very similar and it is easy for users to get confused. I plan ...
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