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What is the name of this UI component? (Caspio actions/logic builder)

Caspio (and other software I've seen over the years) includes a visual method of defining logic as shown in the screenshot below. Does anyone know the name of this type of component? Does anyone know ...
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Managing translations for both text and voice over: Logic dead-ends

The tool I am working on can translate some text in different languages. You can also generate a voice-over of individual paragraphs in different languages. So translations and voice-overs have two ...
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Visualize Users Group Selection and Intersection

I want to simplify the visualization of users' group permissions with intersections and unions. The main challenge is to make a complex selection easy to read for non-technical users, and at the same ...
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Is it a good practice to auto "switch-on" a setting based on a dialog confirmation?

Imagine that as a user, you can use an app to start the A/C of your vehicle remotely. To do that you just simply need to open the app, tap on "A/C" and then press start. But if the car is not plugged-...
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Need help regarding filter logic

I've noticed two different possible behaviours for checkbox filters and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how one should deal with these cases as a designer. Case 1: SHOES > COLOR > [...
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Interactive flowchart / conditional logic to display results

I'm working on my company website, and trying to help users figure out the product they would need -- I figure this is basically like making an interactive flowchart, where conditional logic ...
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Best way to draw an app flow diagram which includes the 4 different user roles in the app

I am in the process of drawing an app flow diagram, specifically using the screenshots of the application. This specific app has 4 different user roles. Some of the screens in the application are ...
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Logic of Next / Previous buttons when changes have been made to Previous

Can someone advise on logic of Next and Previous button when changes have been applied to previous item?
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How to prevent users from circumventing a form?

I have a multi step form which starts with a question. If the user says No, they are taken to a screen instructing them to call in (since the system cannot process No answers). If the users say Yes, ...
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Converting from 2 year capture to 4 years without a 100 year?

Any tips on how to capture a full year age when converting from two years to a four year digit? Without asking for manual input? The problem I think lands specifically for a 100 year age. E.g. if ...
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form: default radio options and branching

This is a form filled out by an agent on behalf of a client. Agent is trained, but we still want to make it accurate and fast. Question 14: Is this a Not-For-Profit Business? 3 options (radio ...
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Ux of conditional logic when numbered questions

I would like to apply conditional logic to a questionnaire to make it slimmer and easier to complete for our users. The new questions will appear dynamically appear on the page, under the trigger ...
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How can I make complicated form logic more intuitive?

I'm building a search feature that allows users to find people based on providing a combination of their full name and SSN. The part of the business requirements that I am struggling with is this: ...
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Representing hiding and showing for steps as opposed to conditional branching or jumps

I'll try to start with some context. We run a workflow app called Tallyfy which is designed for people to build and run repeatable processes in a business, such as client onboarding, employee ...
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Summary page logic (forms)

Background: My client has a complicated form with multiple steps and stages. At the end of the 'Application' stage there is a summary page where the user is asked to confirm the details they have ...
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Newsfeed Cards pushing logic

Background: I'm building a mobile app that push content cards to user which is similar like Facebook's newsfeed. The system will study the user behavior and deliver "Recommended Cards" according to ...
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Expandable table rows, some with no data. UI approach?

I have an expandable table where each row may be expanded for detail. However, some rows do not have more data to expand. The expand icon is a carrot placed to the right most of each row. Is is better ...
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3 answers

Best formular logic

I have a formular for customers who want to update their postal address. Doing so, they might want to have an updated document (let's say an ID card) being sent per post. I'm wondering what is the ...
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help with logic

I have a system where a user has to review a task. A task can have comments associated with it. There are two ways of completing the task. By pressing buttons called 'completed with comments' or '...
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Choosing the hover color of a link, logically

The menu color of the apple website fades out when you hover it, which I believe is wrong because hovering an item is like activating it, hence a positive action. With that said, what's a logical ...
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Choosing sound and sequence for Timer Camera countdown in terms of UX

Interesting conflict. I'm developing Timer camera app(IOS). Generally , this app let set the timer to any number of seconds you want, when the time reaches 0 theres shutter sound and the image saves....
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How to accomodate and/or with brackets in field filtering system

I am building a filtering system for a report and am trying to find a way to incorporate and/or logic when both are to be mixed. In essence, a very simple filter might be: Select field 1 from table ...
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Allowing Users to Create Unions, Intersections, and Subtractions of Group Contents

I have a design challenge for allowing users to create unions, intersections, and subtractions of groups. The end goal of this is to create a subset of the different group contents, which can be ...
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Showing logical operations with query language [duplicate]

We are struggling with how to incorporate AND/OR logic amongst a list of filters in our user interface. I know this question has been asked many times, but I'm trying to fit the logic addition into ...
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Is it good to put a player into detention (jail) or just kick the user from a server?

I am developing a game server in an open-world game where players can do whatever they want. Once however my staff encounters a rule breaker I advise them to, by their judgment on how bad it is, to ...
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Use of terms from logic [closed]

Users are building up some advances searches. Like ((A or B) and (C or D)) and F What should I call ( Is that a paren or parenthesis? I don't have a space issue. As a programmer and ...
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" too logical" in UX Design

This is a very strange question that I'm about to ask that I'm not sure if anyone else has ever received. I've been doing UX Design now for roughly 5 years, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm heavier on ...
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OR & AND representations for the non technical user

So lets say I am implementing a search feature that people would use to check fantasy football teams and their roster. A fantasy football team can have 8-12 players that each user selects from all of ...
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Date based queries

I'm working on a project that involves allowing the user to create queries in a GUI some of those queries involve dates. My question is, Have you previously built any date based query solutions, or ...
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Dropdown option order best practices when not using alpha sorting

Looking for best practices on ordering dropdown options when using a logical sort vs an alphabetical sort. To keep this from being open ended, here are some specific cases: Chronological - i.e. ...
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Intuitive interface for Composing Boolean Logic?

I'm interested to know how people have, or would construct an interface which simplifies constructing logical boolean conditions? (Yes, it's a database query builder) In my mind a bad interface has ...
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