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The act of keeping a log, i.e. recording either events that occur in an operating system or other software runs, or messages between different users of a communication software in a log file

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Command line activity output scroll direction

When developing a command line applications, one could choose between two designs: put the command prompt at the bottom, and the output window above it, where responses and command history are ...
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How to best phrase that a serious-sounding notification was expected and not a reason for concern?

Currently our application is spewing out a lot of instance inconsistencies in its user-access logging, depending on the file input. Many of these are expected, but currently we tend to get bug ...
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UX guidelines for writing into log files?

Do you know a set of guidelines for writing into a log file? The file can be long, it should contain a log message per line, including dates and system feedback / audit actions. I may contain user ...
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Why do IRC (or other chat protocol) logs scroll up with time when forums usually scroll down with time?

Traditional forums -- or even modern social networks like Twitter -- typically have their latest posts at the top of the page, whereas chat protocols like IRC, Skype, or AIM have their latest messages ...
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Log viewer in a desktop application?

I'm developing a desktop application for analyzing source code. It basically analyzes all files in given directory and produces a text file with report. Status of analysis is displayed in a text box ...
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What's the best way to ask for consent to log usage information?

Does anybody know of best practices for obtaining user consent to log their usage info? The ideal solution would encourage the user to say yes to the logging and make sure they're well informed about ...
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A natural-language format for time and date

I'm looking for an easy-to-read way to format time and date. The time and date will be displayed in a piece of software, and will be used to tell when an event occurred. For example, "A ...
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Log add to top or bottom

In my WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application I have a log that display important events in the application. I'm unsure where to add new events? Or in other words, how should I sort the log,...
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Which users actions are worth logging, to gain better perspective on their behavior?

I am currently implementing a "User action log", that will keep interesting actions of users within our system. Any advice on what to log? Of course, the answer is "everything you feasibly can", but ...
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