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Requesting locations permissions always & in background

Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm needing some other opinions... I'm working on an app that requires location permissions to be 'Always on' and the app also needs to function in the ...
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UX guidelines for placing edit buttons?

I am working on finding the best placement for the edit button for a company website already in existence (used for internal staff & clients). This is a review page after a Client has filled out ...
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How to display icons for Service Locations on Maps?

I'm working on displaying icons on maps, there are 3 types of icons: Pick up point(s): The location that the vehicle should be navigated to Point of Service: The location that the service will be ...
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Location Filter UX Issue

Context I'm working on a SAAS product. We have multiple assets listed in our product and user can chose to specify location to an asset or choose to leave the location unspecified Problem We can ...
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Add 'My Location' button to search locations input

me and my team trying to figure out where is the optimal and most intuitive location to place 'My Location' button related to a search areas auto complete input. As part of our current design, the ...
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Where to put a live video feed in our app

I need to incorporate the live video feed from a camera into our app (which runs on Desktop but also tablets), which is basically a navigation tool with a map view, and some controls on the right side....
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How to show an approximate location along a route on a map?

A pin on a map is a very precise thing, that is the impression it gives. To show that a location is approximate, we can put a circle around it since the error range is in 2D, and that is easily ...
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When to Ask for Location During Sign Up

I'm working on an app that sends technicians to fix problems. Think of it like Uber for repairs. The service is only available in a select few cities, and the way the sign-up process right now is ...
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Feedback box location

I am designing a feedback box and I was thinking about placing it in the bottom-right corner of the website - this is where I usually come across feedback boxes or chats. But then sometimes I see ...
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How to select a location using Google Maps

I'am developing an Android app where users can add clients specifying a name and a location. The name is required, the location is optional. Under the hood the location is composed of: Address as a ...
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Workflow Button Location

In our system we have workflows which can have 1 to many steps. Below you will see an example of one that is quite simple with only one step, with the buttons "Save" and "Cancel". Some other Workflows ...
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Why does Google Maps translate/transliterate English street names to Hangul?

I've always wondered something, about how Maps (and a lot of other apps, like the native iOS weather app) convert city names and street names to Hangul (the Korean alphabet), as apposed to leaving ...
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2 answers

How should the distance-from-location radius be determined for a listing-based app?

By "listing-based app," I'm referring to event apps like Eventbrite and restaurant apps like Yelp. Whereas some apps allow the user to adjust the radius being used, i.e. "I want to see all listings ...
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Position of a bar near a search input

I am building a website that includes a page that has a search input and a sensitivity bar near him that allows the users to control over the amount of results returned and their accuracy. This is ...
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Hamburger menu should be placed right or left in website? [duplicate]

I met a client yesterday and he asked me a question I.e. weather hamburger menu should be placed on the right side or left side of the page. My answer was to place it on the right side because ...
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Where does your front end dev sit?

Hi I manage a CX team of writers, trainers, UI architects, and designers. I'm working to expand our capability by adding front end devs so we can have better relationships with the developers via the ...
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Should location/address form fields default to the user's current location?

Most people these days sign up for websites at where they live rather than on public/work computers. So, on forms that require the user to enter their address, should they be filled in by default with ...
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Where should I place my credits for my App?

I am almost done with my first app, but I used a font that requires credit. Where should I put my credits for my app? Is there a required spot? I would prefer putting them in my app's description ...
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What's the best way to get the users to do Manual Selection of Location on Mobile App?

I am trying to make a very simple UI for less-literate, not so expert users. Is it better to show states, regions, neighbourhoods (in that order) on a popup for the user to select his/her location, or ...
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Filter by area - how to include items with no physical location?

I'm designing a filter component for a listings site. Within the filter component, users are able to filter by area by selecting/ unselecting checkboxes - pretty straightforward. The items to be ...
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Ordering UK Regions (NUTS)

I'm designing a form that requires me to collect a user's region using the NUTS 1 standard for the options. At the moment I'm ordering by the NUTS 1 Code which gives this: NUTS 1 Regions North East ...
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How to get the user to set his location on a mobile app?

Our mobile app helps in getting content based on the Neighborhood that the user has selected. Also, we know that users would like to receive content from more than one Neighborhood. What would be the ...
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Share location in service-agnostic way

I want to send by email the event location (location name + address with exact latitude / longitude). I know the full address and the exact lat/long values. I could send out: A google maps link (...
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The address of a business

I handle the web site for a restaurant. This restaurant, part of a chain, has been around for 20 years and, when it first opened in 1995, the Yellow Pages was where you found such places. Their ...
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Mobile Hamburger Menu Location

With the advent of larger mobile devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus), reaching toward specific actions on a website requires additional effort. Can anyone reference a mobile web ...
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Best practice for having a user enter their location?

I'm designing a mobile app (iOS and Android - mobile only) that requires location-specific content to be shown to the user (roughly knowing the user's city is fine for scope). We'd prefer not to use ...
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Are there any statistics or research on location approval by users on mobile and desktop browsers?

I'm looking for statistics or research about users that permit browsers to use their location, drilled down to the type of browser, platform, vs. native apps, etc. Also, general recommendations about ...
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Can we assume a file stored in the cloud and link saved in the pocket app, are same?

Let’s imagine a user uses a cloud service (for example Google Drive) for: Only backing up his data Accessing files from different locations and different devices To expand the storage capacity of ...
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How important is the location bias with usability testing for a company?

I am planing to do a usability test for a company. It is a usability test (first one to be done) for a web product in the final stages of development. How important is the location, where the ...
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For a classifieds website, should we ask the user for location before or after searching?

Location in this context means the current city the user is residing in. I am designing a classifieds homepage and would like to know what which would be a better UX flow: Ask for location on the ...
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best way to select a location

I have a form that administrators complete to log work orders (WOs) for site maintenance. A WO specifies who logged the work and what the work is eg broken tap. Part of the form includes a location ...
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