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Where to put a live video feed in our app

I need to incorporate the live video feed from a camera into our app (which runs on Desktop but also tablets), which is basically a navigation tool with a map view, and some controls on the right side....
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1 answer

Comments Box + Interuser Chat + Chat Support - altogether in the same site. How?

Here I go again with a major doubt. My IT team is building a marketplace website, and I've decided to add these 3 features: 1) a Comments/Discussion Forum on certain Resources/blog pages. I think ...
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1 answer

Should the "refresh" button on a listview be replaced with a "live" indicator, or nothing at all?

I have a mobile app where there is a refresh button at the top of the listview. I also have a built in pull-to-refresh feature. The internals of the app are now always "live", thanks to SignalR and ...
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3 answers

Live chat unavailable

We're adding a live chat button to our site which will display within the help and support section. This is positioned in the bottom right, similar to Facebook. Should I display the live chat option ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Where to put live chat?

We are considering putting live chat on our website to be able to help our customers when they need. Now we are deciding where to put it. Usually they are location on the right bottom corner, or they ...
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