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style guides: lower case titles

I've just started at a new company, and I'm trying to set up a style guide for our UI text. I know that for titles, the most common options are Title Case Sentence case One of our corporate values ...
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Denote case sensitivity on printed media

I made some business cards for my wife for her balloon twisting side business. Nothing too professional as is it just something she likes to do on weekends. She has a Facebook page that she just ...
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How Does Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In a Sentence Help The Reader?

Saw this pamphlet about lightning safety: As you can tell, every sentence in the pamphlet has every single word capitalized. Is there a scientific reason that every word would be capitalized? Is this ...
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Is it better for readability for links where link text equals document title to both be in title case, or both be in the usual capitalization?

To pick one example of a class of links I'm considering changing, has a link text of "Ajax Without JavaScript or Client-Side Scripting". The link points to https://...
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Text transform when displaying user generated content

Given something like the below, which lists user input content: First Name | Last Name -----------+----------- John | Doe john | doe JOHN | DOE johN | doE Is it good practice ...
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Title Case or Sentence case for dropdown options in web form?

We're adding dropdown boxes (HTML <select>) to several forms to allow users to choose between several options. Should dropdown options be Title Case or Sentence case? In our web application we ...
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single radio button vs 2 radio buttons vs checkbox

I am having a user enter search terms to search a document. The issue of how to have them determine if that term is case senstive when being used. OPTION 1 - I was thinking to make it a dropdown ...
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When to use all lowercase

On the internet, and in certain shops, I've noticed that sometimes each word is capitalised in, for instance an advert or navigation bar and logo; sometimes sentence case is used and sometimes all ...
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Why is it that all caps text looks like SHOUTING, but all caps handwriting is easier to read?

Specifically for UI -- handwritten mockups, comics, etc are always better all-caps, but the same is never true for printed text. Why is that? Visual Studio 2012's all-caps menus are generally despised....
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Mixed case vs all lower case...Which is more readable?

A graphic designer I hired to do my company's collateral (a very accomplished and successful designer) told me once that all lower case is often more readable than mixed case. As an example she made ...
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Clarification on letter case in button text

I'm looking for clarification on the use of letter case. The two examples are: "Duplicate Search" vs "Duplicate search" this is in the context of performing a search of users in order to detect if ...
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Windows client on a Unix server: Should case sensitivity be preserved?

To me, this is kind of tricky. Our environment contains a client/server architecture that involves using Unix servers to store DB information and executable scripts to transact against that ...
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Why is a tags first letter in lower case?

Too me, it would be more natural to have tags with an initial upper case letter than a lower case letter, but that isn’t the case (pun intended). I hear no reason to why that is, but colleagues keep ...
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