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Acquiring, improving or adapting skills, knowledge or preferences.

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The must-read User Interface Book? [closed]

I'm looking for the Book that explains the essentials of user interface and user experience design. I read Beautiful Visualization and Designing Interfaces from O'Reilly. I think they are very good ...
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8 answers

As a programmer, how do I move into User Experience Design? [closed]

I've been a developer for over 6 years, mainly working in the web context, and generally distributed applications, services, and also front-facing apps. I got into programming originally through ...
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How to become a User Experience Designer?

I am a UI designer and developer and have been designing websites for aound 10 years. I want to get into user experience design. I know how to do a design, but I am lagging the terminologies and the ...
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Which are the best UI related blogs/sites? [closed]

This goes along the lines of the Must-read UI books. I haven't found too many blogs/sites that are aimed exclusively to this topic that are good resources for UI, so I hope you can recommend a few ...
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What do I need to know to get started as a professional UX/interaction designer? [closed]

I am a student of Software Engineering (mainly focusing on Requirements Engineering). I am a beginner in the field of UX. There already are a few questions on this forum regarding books etc. Still, I ...
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Under what circumstances will vertical or horizontal navigation work better?

I have just started taking UX classes and am designing my first e-commerce webpage. I was wondering what type of navigation works better for users? Do users prefer eBay's vertical navigation http://...
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How do I learn how to design webpages? [duplicate]

As a developer, I love writing code, and I like to think I'm fairly good at it. However, my chosen field is Web Development, which almost always requires the developer to also act as designer. I can ...
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