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Sidebars: Icons & Label or Icon & Hover Tooltip

I got curious today: From a learnability, accessibility, and usability perspective, it is recommendable to not hide behind an interaction (hover) the label of something and not force the user "...
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Blank states where multiple members can create content

We currently use a handful of blank states within the sections of our app to inform users about what things are, along with the benefits and a helpful example. The problem is that this is a team ...
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Is it valid to administer a SUS questionnaire after a system training session?

We would like to do some tests to determine usability and learnability of a new system we have produced. We have a very short time period, so right now we are only looking at something quick and high-...
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Does having to introduce alternative behavior always indicate poor UX design?

Take the classical top-left go-back button on mobile apps. The main two issues with it are: Having to press a lot of times when you want to go far back Not being able to go forward in case you ...
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Features of a complex interface: learnability or discoverability?

I am currently working on a new version of a Saas which clients can use to manage all of the content on their screens, which is going to be quite extended and complex. To make sure it will be easy ...
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What is the psychology behind website navigation?

I have been thinking a lot about site learnability lately. I remember being told that 7 items in a navigation is the most learnable for visitors. I think this has to do with human memory, and the scan-...
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4 answers

Is the following approach better for mobiles? Missing 'save' option in Google Keep

This is one of the example from Google's approach with almost all online products these days... In Keep, when you create/edit a note it is automatically saved(ofcourse) but you don't get any ...
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what are the techniques that allow design to teach user to use an interface in a way that seems natural?

I was reading this article, that at the end states there are two conditions that make one design intuitive: Condition #1: Both the current knowledge point and the target knowledge point are identical....
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1 answer

Enterprise UX - Proving Improvement through Quantified Data?

I am working in an organization where I am focusing on improving the usability of enterprise applications (HR applications and other applications people are forced to use in order to complete their ...
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2 answers

Why are developers ignored by UX? [closed]

I'm a hobbyist software developer who dutifully looks at UX to better design software with the user in mind. I appreciate the nitpicking that UX does for three main reasons: The user's benefit (...
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Who introduced the term learnability to usability?

I am doing some research on the topic of learnability within usability. I am currently struggling to find out who was the first one to use it in this context? Any help would be really appreciated.
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13 votes
6 answers

How to measure Learnability?

When a user first experiences an application, it takes some time to figure out the interface, controls and how to perform tasks. As the user continues to perform similar tasks, she learns how to ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Best examples of "How it works" designs for Ecommerce/Deal sites [closed]

What are the best web design examples, having creative "How it works" sections on their homepages, that help new users to grasp the basic idea of the site within a few seconds? I have also seen many ...
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Do people know how to use what Wordpress calls "Shortcodes"?

For example, when posting to a blog via email, the user can enter [tags x,y,z] to add tags via email. How "technical" does that feel to the average user? Reference:
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What is the best way to get users to discover and learn keyboard shortcuts

In a mouse driven desktop application, with a ribbon style interface and which has no menubar, what is the best way for users to learn about the shortcuts and accelerators which can help a user work ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Expert usability

I am struggling with a project and am reminded of a lecture at university that plotted two applications with differing rates of 'learnability' and 'expert usability' against each other: a) Harder to ...
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