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Lean UX focuses on fast execution of user experience designs in an iterative work flow with less emphazis on delivering the full-fledged user experience research of more traditional UX engineering.

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How do you convince your company to take Lean UX methodology? [closed]

I'm struggling working in an environment that are using waterfall process. How people in my company usually process projects are CEO and other department managers come up ideas and tell directly to ...
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Why are assumptions in Lean UX written in the form of "we believe ... to be true" and not in the form of "we do not know if ..."?

A characteristic of Lean UX is writing down assumptions, which are then used as the basis for design. But should I not rather write down the things I don`t know, and which I want to learn from users?
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What does "chrome" mean in Microsoft design guidelines?

One of the most important principles in Microsoft Design Guidelines is: put content before chrome. What does chrome refer to? Just like action items?
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Which is good user experience while deleting an item from list view

While developing a mobile app and working on listview I found two patterns to delete an item from listView which are mentioned below: Using a checkbox: Use a checkbox in each listview item and ...
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Providing context for usability test

I am working on a startup with a small team - we have just produced a prototype of a key user flow that we will be testing with live customers for maximum insight to go back and iterate. My question: ...
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Best practice for interactive maps on mobile?

We're building this - On larger, non-mobile screens - its a better experience than it is on mobile. We want a "mobile web" experience, but find that it's doubling our ...
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Does text next to call to action buttons help or hinder the usability?

Should there be additional clarifying text near the button or should the button define the call to action by itself?
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How to make user uploaded photos ready for retina? [closed]

Websites where a user can upload images. How does the site owners make it retina ready or scale it according to the retina display?
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Are customer surveys used in LeanUX

Do current LeanUX methods advocate sending out surveys to understand potential customer segments? Or should personas be written based on assumptions and then just user tested with customers that fit ...
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UX question for pricing packages pages

On pricing package pages if we are giving the customer an option to customize the price for the package what's the best way it should be handled to give the best user experience for the user? I guess ...
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50% of the site responsive / 50% old vs. the whole site is old

This may sound like a daft question, but here it goes. Faced with a challenge of turning a really old hand-coded website that is left-centered and feels/looks 1990s into a responsive site (using ...
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Clockwise or counter-clockwise loading animation

Is there any rule for using CW or CCW loading animation? Does CCW animation means "slow" or "rollback" or something? Or maybe CW direction means going forward, straight direction etc? UPDATE: due ...
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Lean UX: How to synchronize the team

I've been reading Lean UX hoping to implement some of what I see in a brand new UX team at my organization. One thing I noticed is that a lot of the activities and suggestions assume that you can/will ...
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What are the top skills required for a UX Designer? [closed]

I am studying web design but have decided to go in a UX Design direction. Here are the skills I am working on: HTML CSS User Testing Graphic Design Creating mock-ups in the Adobe Suite HCI What ...
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How do you make sure UX is part of a new web strategy?

My company is about to completely redesign our website. We don't yet have end goals in mind that the website must achieve; we're still in the very early phase of creating a brand new web strategy. I ...
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I'm looking for a graphical versioning system for sketches, wireframes etc

Up to now I've gathered so many sketches, wireframes, icons and mockups for all different kinds of projects and customers I have supported or worked for. Digital and on paper. I have noticed that I ...
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Shouldn't UX be Lean and Agile inherently?

People describe different types of UX such as Agile UX and Lean UX. Looking at the Agile manifesto and Lean methodology, it would seem to me that a successful implementation of UX processes would ...
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UX and design spec

I am working on a big m-commerce project and trying to apply the principles of lean UX within my team. Unfortunately I am limited by the fact that the development team are not co-located with the ...
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What is lean UX, and where can I learn more about it?

There is a new trend called Lean UX, apparently stemming from the Lean Start-up approach. What are its main principles? What are good or recommended reference, sources or education for learning about ...
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How Do I Collect UX Requirements for the System in Agile Development Environment?

I am starting working on project planning application, which the client wants to develop using the agile model. I want to understand how can i take the requirements and convert them to the usual UX ...
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At what point in the development process should UX come into play in an Agile work environment?

What are some successful examples of UX and the Agile Development process playing nicely together? Traditional agile doesn't usually account for it.
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