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The way in which the elements of an interface are laid out.

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Is "at the front" top, or bottom?

At our office we have a dual garbage bin behind a door. Let's put aside the fact that you have to open a door, and then pull out the bins. What has puzzled me is that the labels were placed on each ...
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How to deal with centered content on a layout with a sidebar?

I have the following view in my application, where a list of cards containing some information and a button is present. In order to prevent uneeded space within the cards and make the button closer to ...
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Guidelines for layout of component that can have variable sub components

I've been asked to design a component that lists objects on a page. The component needs to be able to display between 3 and 6 numbers of objects in the list. Here's what I have for 6 objects in a list:...
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Screen-size based layout presets

I am looking for a better way of designing settings page, where users can define which layout preset they want to use based on their screen size. Use case 1: I started session on a 27" desktop ...
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Price Tables: what's the best position for "Best value" option on even grids?

Is there a documented 'best position' for highlighting the 'best value' or 'recommended' option in a table with four columns? In tables with 3 or 5 columns, the best placement is typically the center. ...
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Offering downloadable marketing content as the final steps in an analytics console

I'm a UX intern working for a startup and i'm building an analytics platform that offers analytics driven marketing. The current flow essentially moves the user through analytics from high level to ...
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Header Alignment on centered page layout

Context Current page layout stretches across the screen, as this was overlooked in the past due to a small team. I'm looking to fix content width and stretch first and last column of the grid system ...
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What is a better way to present sign up / login form?

It has become quite common and dare I say annoying these days to see websites and mobile apps prominently highlighting the 'sign up' for new user fields but at the same time why do they make 'Login' ...
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Layout for many independent navigation in a section of a webapp

There are many sub section in my project and I am not able to find right pattern for the layout the user navigates into the section from side navigation bar and then there are close to 25 sub sections....
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Problems with UI UX design for grid elements

i am facing a problem with my grid elements, the design is made to look good when the grid element is filled with long information, but it looks empty and filled with lots of white space when there is ...
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Seeking UI design advice for implementing trash function in a list of sections

First time poster here, and seeking UI design advice. Feel free to ask me any follow up questions for clarification. This is for a web-application. Requirements for this UI component are that the user ...
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Mapping Data UI: Map objects (per childs) to additional data

I'm working on a UI problem when it comes to map data. Imagine you have a wall (object) that contains multiple layers like insulation, concrete and plaster (childs). To provide value with the software ...
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How wide should my artboard be (Container width)?

I came to a point when I needed to decide what would be the container width for my pages. My project involves designing a web platform with a dashboard and a side menu for navigation. I made a little ...
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2 steps process in side-panel

We are designing an e-commerce website where our client is a marketplace for merchants to offer discounts or great prices on services/products to end users. Some merchants may give multiple options ...
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Study showing it's better to have images in their own row on a text/news article page, rather than in a column with text wrapping around it

I'm remembering a usability study I once saw that demonstrated it's better for scanning or readability on a website's news article or text-heavy page to have any photos as their own row by themselves, ...
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UX article/study on CLS (cumulative layout shift)

I’m struggling to find any article/study on CLS from UX perspective, almost all resources I found are written from SEO standpoint. Please could anyone point to any article/study? Many thanks 🙏
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Creating a better UX for Generating a Document, subsequently downloading and then uploading a Completed Document

I was brought into a project to improve the general UX/UI of an web application. The section of the application where I have hit a roadblock works like this: User enters Information and selects ...
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Design pattern for collapse but not entirely

I have a bunch of cards in a 2 column layout in my grid. If there are more than 2 items to display I want to show only 2 of them and hide the remaining behind a "Show all" button. What is ...
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Holy grail layout solution that makes complex apps being usable on mobile?

What's the best solution for responsive holy grail layout in the context of complex responsive design? Some common layouts done in this way Hubspot CRM Problem: it doesn't work on mobile as most of ...
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"Translate" mobile app mockup dimensions from desktop to smartphone size?

I'm pretty sure this is a common issue, but I'm not certain if I'll be able to explain myself correctly. So please bear with me. I'm including a screenshot of a mobile app I'm working on in my ...
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