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A webpage with just an audio player

Suppose I have a small handheld device with just a micro-controller, a keypad and a speaker. There are some pre-programmed sentences stored in the micro-controller, which can be selected by typing a ...
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Chevron / drop down to activate keypad

I want users to understand how to adjust the quantity of products. We can't include a dropdown and allow users to input text. So for now, we're removing the dropdown and allowing text input only. My ...
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How to Address Keyboard Limitations for Users without a Numeric Keypad?

I'm currently working on a web application where users can use their keyboard number pads (mainly the following keys 2,4,5,6,8) to change perspectives from which the user is watching a 3D scene. For ...
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Can we open keynum or keyboard on the bottom sheet or pop up for mobile application?

I am working on a mobile application. It is like ordering app for grocery but in wholesale and not in retailer. So user can order 100kg to 1,00,000kg for selling purpose. Order range is huge and ...
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Which numeric keypad layout (PC or register) should be used for a touch panel?

We lately had a usability test for a self-service payment machine. It's very similar to the e-banking process. The whole banking process is over a touchscreen until they enter the debit card. The ...
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Use native keypad or custom one in web application

I'm tasked to implement a code entry view which allows you to enter a 6-digit code. The UI runs in the browser (JS/HTML/CSS), mobile touch devices only. I'm stuck on how to implement this, basically ...
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Why do microwaves have any other UI than two dials? [duplicate]

If you Google for microwave keypad you can see that there is no standard user interface for them. Most of the time, you have to press the buttons in a specific order, otherwise nothing happens. ...
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Best way to display 3 different keyboards in a single flow even if the input is variable in each screen?

I'm gathering feedback on the best way to show a keyboard on screen that will provide different keys depending on the input needed. The user will have to input 3 different values in three different ...
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"Delete" key position on android

I wonder why the "delete" key is now located on the top part of the keypad screen. I can see that both for iOS and Android. I remember that few month (or years maybe…) ago, this was more often located ...
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On mobile phones why is the green (call) button at the left and red (hang) button at the right side?

Some old mobile phones have switched position of green/red buttons. Currently the green button is at the left and red button is at the right side on mobile phones. Why? That is rationale? Which ...
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What term should I use for removing characters from user input (Bank ATM consoles)?

We are developing the UI for a banking ATM console where many of our customers are not aware of computers common GUI terminology. So what term should I use for removing entered characters if someone ...
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