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physical interface for entering text character by character.

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Accesskeys for enterprise web apps / SaaS - worth it?

(Not sure what accesskeys are? Here is an ALA post about them) If you've ever implemented accesskeys on a web app, do you know if they got used (outside of accessibility concerns)? There seem to be ...
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Most intuitive keyboard shortcut for search & replace dialog

Extending the question on askubuntu what would be the most intuitive solution for the Search & Replace and maybe Find dialog? Ctrl H -- Gnome, Windows Ctrl R -- KDE Ctrl F -- Mac OS Which others ...
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Keyboard shortcut to sort columns in a table?

Clicking on column headers in a table to set the sort order (or toggle ascending/descending if already sorting by this column) is a standard UI technique. However, it is mouse-only. Is there a ...
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A keyboard for developers? [closed]

Being a software developer, the keyboard is the most important tool to interact with the computer. Thus, the layout and placement of buttons is very essential. Especially the grouping of the escape-...
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Dismissing keyboard on Android: UI Pattern

I'm not too familiar with the Android UI patterns, but how does one usually dismiss a keyboard after entering some information? My usecase is to dismiss the keyboard when a user is done entering the ...
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Usability of Ctrl + Enter Submitting of Forms

In my web app I want to give the possibility of submitting every form with Ctrl + Enter shortcut. What is better: submit the form with keyboard only when one of the fields of this form is focused ...
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Keyboard shortcuts overriding default browser action

I'd like to add some keyboard shortcuts to my website. How severely is usability affected if I override the default browser behavior? CTRL+B: bolds the text instead of open bookmarks. CTRL+N: go to ...
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Is Google Instant good or bad UX? [closed]

For power users, it clearly saves time in some circumstances. It also jumps around alot and does things that are very different than before. One person said it is like a guy who finishes your ...
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Will the future absence of the physical keyboard hurt the desktop User Experience? [closed]

With so many future UI designs focusing on 3-dimensional, hands-on interfaces, it appears clear that the physical keyboard is going to soon be obsolete. (i.e., John Underkoffler's presentation) ...
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How will multi-touch computer design impact the future of User Experience? [closed]

Today I came across a video for a multi-touch, large screen user interface prototype, designed by a company called "Second Story" in Portland, Oregon. I am excited about the direction this will go. I ...
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