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physical interface for entering text character by character.

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Has there been any research on one-handed Dvorak layout and smartphone (swipe) keyboard travel distance?

The Dvorak simplified keyboard is optimised for low finger travel distance, leading to faster typing and less wrist pain compared to the Qwerty layout. On a smartphone, most people effectively only ...
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Best practices/rationale for unified vs separate keyboard/mouse navigation of lists?

Context I'm in the process of designing/implementing a filterable object creation palette with categorized results for a visual content creation application. I'm trying to decide how to handle ...
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Soft input panel for 480x320 LCD screen

I'm working on a Qt-based C++ project. The project includes a 480x320 TFT LCD screen for display. The screen is also capacitive and used for touch-based input. The screen is about the size of a credit ...
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Mobile iPhone and Android - Highlight when using bluetooth keyboard on calendar display outside of frame

When using the bluetooth keyboard and tabbing through a calendar control, part of the highlight around the previous/next month is out of the calendar control. Has anyone experienced the same? Was ...
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Concrete suggestions for dealing with a keyboard without direct Home, End, PageUp, PageDown keys (Fn activated)

First I apologize if this site is not the right place to ask this question. Please feel free to suggest an alternative stackexchange site that suits better the question. The situation is the following:...
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Why isn't the apostrophe on the 'front page' of mobile virtual keyboards?

In terms of punctuation marks the apostrophe, must be used almost as much as commas or full stops. Yet it doesn't get a front screen ( single press ) on either of the mobile keyboards I have loaded (...
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Focus behavior in a modal navigation drawer?

How should focus ideally behave in a modal navigation drawer (much like the one from Material Design)? The modal would appear when I webpage is viewed on a small screen, be opened using a hamburger ...
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Semantic names for shift-click and ctrl(or cmd)-click?

I'm implementing something that uses shift-click and ctrl-click (cmd on the Mac) in the normal way. Shift-click lets you select a range of elements and ctrl-click lets you toggle the selection of ...
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