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IoT (Internet of Things‎) is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects.

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4 answers

Smart watch notifications when doing maintenance work

I'm looking to improve the notifications experience for a heavy duty smart watch that assists people working on maintenance activities in a factory environment (e.g. the room they are in might be ...
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QR vs Barcode vs Custom Code

Scenario We must identify persons and also associate objects with them. This is for a very large cerebral palsy center for children that provides various services, some in different buildings (there ...
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Force user to enter an address for location based services

I would be happy to hear your opinion on following topic: I am working on an IOT gardening system. Many of our features need the address of the user to work, because of weather data. At the moment ...
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User research for vast database product releated to IOT

I was asked to work on UI and UX part of an existing IOT web-based application which is related to the database. It is a very vast product and I can't try and test this product due to some ...
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