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IoT (Internet of Things‎) is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects.

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What would be a better way to visualise hazards on a map

I'm designing for map dashboard where users can monitor zones at factory sites. I'm introducing an icon to show when zones at these sites contain hazards (such as heat). When users are performing a ...
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Smart watch notifications when doing maintenance work

I'm looking to improve the notifications experience for a heavy duty smart watch that assists people working on maintenance activities in a factory environment (e.g. the room they are in might be ...
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QR vs Barcode vs Custom Code

Scenario We must identify persons and also associate objects with them. This is for a very large cerebral palsy center for children that provides various services, some in different buildings (there ...
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Force user to enter an address for location based services

I would be happy to hear your opinion on following topic: I am working on an IOT gardening system. Many of our features need the address of the user to work, because of weather data. At the moment ...
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User research for vast database product releated to IOT

I was asked to work on UI and UX part of an existing IOT web-based application which is related to the database. It is a very vast product and I can't try and test this product due to some ...
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