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Icon for website [closed]

I'm looking for a good universal icon for website Here are a few I found, but looking for something better:
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What would be a user friendly message when the user has a slow internet connection?

We provide some big data slides for free for our users, but when their internet connection is slow we have to put a message there because due to the large amount of data it takes a while to load.
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Is it ok to make "news apps" to have internet connection while opening?

Currently My team members are in brainstorm session for local news app for both android and IOS. Since news is the thing that is supposed to be up to date with current time. Some members argue it to ...
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progress indicator internet usage

I have to define the best pattern for an usage internet indicator, where the service plan doesn´t have limits but clients who move over the mark above 150 GB, your speed connection will be dropping ...
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how will IOT (internet of things) influence UX Design [closed]

Been hearing and reading up a lot about how the internet of things will change the way we use the internet. As designers that are just getting used to designing for the increasing amount of mobile and ...
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