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adapting an interface or content to the different languages, skill sets and expectancies of a globally accessible application.

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Should I allow non-Latin characters in filenames in a CLI application?

I'm currently designing a CLI application geared towards the more technical demographic of users that has a set of English subcommands, which (judging by other popular CLI applications such as git) ...
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How to better use icon along with text label in a multilingual ui design?

It may be a long-existing and already-asked-too-many-times question. Our software has many features and they all presented with icons only, it's good for multilingual case because we don't need to ...
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How to enable "multi-lingual" insertion of data for administrators, while having a separate main site language

Our website allows certain "administrators" to add events and manage those events. Then "users" can enroll said events. One of the features that is requested is multi-lingual ...
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